Has stoopid cupid shot her love arrow too soon ?

Even though 2023 has just begun we already have the dumbest comment of the year. Imagine that.

Ohhhh Jessica lol

With daddy out the way the good news for Mr pissy MadDog is he can finally consummate the watery urinal love between Jessica and himself just in time for valentines…. Hope he remembers to bring plenty of diapers.

It’s all about those aliens you see. I can’t make this up.

In an email that reads……

“I was so pleased to realize Nellie has broken his mixing desk! $1000 down the loo where his head should be also, You had one job and you failed at that you baldy nonzey chops Here is it falling down the back of the table along with it drenched in wine hahahahaha it could not have happened to a more bigger ASSHOLE Glasgow ghoul like YOU! “

~Nellie the drunken idiot~

~Who stole Rick Berry’s garden ?~

Seriously how does one steal another’s garden ?

You may recall Rick Berry the scum bag goof who’s husband now spends time in a Birmingham prison for sexually assaulting autistic children. Well it would appear that there are others who haven’t forgotten and they have Rick’s number.. and his garden.

Seriously can’t make this shit up……. These two idiots are a comedy team.

Vaughn Live’s newest caster FaythDavidson has found himself in a most controversial cast/situation involving another fella by the name Milo.

These two get together for a few friendly drinks, of course things become chaotic and uncomfortable when Fayth claims that horny Milo has asked for him for oral sex. Fayth doesn’t even have the teeth for this but anyways…..

All credit to JustAndy and InspectorMoorse

Fayth goes in panic mode calls the police as he is in fear for his safety. Meanwhile horny Milo watches from the comfort of his chair wearing what appears to be hello kitty pajamas, plotting his next move.


The police show up and…..well here’s the video.


So with the evening over with and no sucky sucky for Milo, Fayth now decides to plot a series of possible assaults on Milo. Who knew oral sex was in such high demand overseas ?

Fayth plans to assault Milo.