All credit to the person who sat watching this insane shit show, thank you for your diligence. Incase you were wondering this took place on Wed Nov 17th.

We have Glen’s mods (Richard and Andrew) slamming Adumb as a “PEDO”. From what I’ve gathered it’s been something that a few of them have felt over a period of time about Adumb but chose to keep silent until now.

Adumb’s quick to unmod Glen an ban him from his TWITCH channel, Adumb then claims half of Glen’s friend are losers anyways. He then repeatedly calls Glen a “sick fuck” over and over, but never fear Adumb isn’t a huge Glen fan anyways.

Jessica DumbDick the self proclaimed “groomer” appears as the advisor to this mess only to have this shit show eventually make it’s way to a skype call.

It’s during this skype call Andrew and Adumb square off on one another as Adumb tries to silence Andrew with insults and shouting over him.

Adumb informs everyone he does not trust UglyCritters for unodding him from her channel, then he denies saying it by stating Andrew has taken his words out of context. The exact same thing Jessica said when it was SHE who announced she was grooming minors, you may recall ?

The point Andrew then makes is that wherever Adumb goes his lying stench tends to follow, and it is HE who creates all the drama and negativity.

Bottom line as more and more folks begin to realize what a lying worthless sack of toxic shit Adumb really is, all we need to do is sit back and enjoy the popcorn. You can’t make this shit up.

It’s absolutely without any doubt in my mind that this clown is the biggest 100% certified dumb ass of all time. What an embarrassment as Rafael Garcia the simp and now Fridays FOOL stands outside in frigid temperatures waiting for “someone” to show up to his home for a fight.

Oh and btw he’s at the corner of Cherry St and Highland in case you’re interested.

He’s traveled outside of his home at least 4 times tonight awaiting the arrival of this so called combatant, and when he does arrive he’s going to “defend” himself by attacking this individual.


What happens when one greasy stinky pile of shit befriends another greasy stinky pile of shit ?

Well you get these two inbreds because we know for a fact no one likes either one of em, so they eventually found each other.

Feeling alone and victimized poor Rafael Garcia “master troll” ran away to Ivlog in hopes getting away from the hurtful trolls who called him meanie names. Yeah like that’s’ going to work LMAO, you earned this dummy. Where’s the Hells Angels when you need them ?

Let’s face it these two were made for one another, both are inbred idiots who are as dumb as poop. Both of em share an iq about the same as a babies shoe size.

It even gets funnier when you consider both of em are desperate to DOX me, both have threatened me with LEGAL action, both can’t seem to make that work.

Congratulations Rafael Garcia you are now an official “PEDO SUPPORTER” and friend to one who jokes about grooming minors.

These two could be related….

You’re middle name must be Idiot.

The woman beater of Vaughn live has had it and he’s calling everyone out to an open invite to his home.

I guess shooting off his big mouth with mocking Karen with the breast cancer has really paid off big time, but there’s one huge factor here that you’re forgetting Rafael Garcia you were harassing a woman with breast cancer so now that’s something you’re going to have to learn to deal with.

The video is very revealing and even has a hidden DOX that you might discover, so pay attention.

SAM is mad!

The dribbling fish eyed hobbit has decided to rant like a 5 yr old over a video game that has been merely delayed due to technical issues. Grow up baby man child.

An email… Our boy SAM is mad and he isn’t going to take it anymore! SAM paid $60 for a game and they deleted it off their server so SAM said he almost had a mini stroke and is so mad that they took his $60 that he will take matters into his own hands if there isn’t a class action lawsuit against the company.

Sam you look stressed over this.

Update November 14: The GTA Trilogy became available again via the Rockstar Launcher earlier today. Here’s the official statement from Rockstar’s status page: