MadDog begs for attention from Maddy!

So after being ignored by Jessica on her recent VL stream, Charles has a fatty hissy fit and storms off.

No one cared enough to inform Charles of what Jessica was doing behind his thick blubberous back, and man he was furious!

~Maddy please take notice of me~

After that drama Charles now takes up to begging for Maddy’s attention… Do you recall the heinous lies Charles has said about Maddy for months only to now suck up to the woman he’s disrespected?

Seriously Charles you keep making yourself look sad and pathetic. But we know you can’t help yourself ..LOL

Jessica so what’s your thoughts on your cow now schmoozing with Maddy?


  1. inspectormoorse May 23, 2023 12:45 am  Reply

    ” Trouble in paradise “, & Look at that little rattlesnake slipping in like it never happened how he was towards Maddy spineless,

  2. chubby chaser May 23, 2023 2:18 am  Reply

    Jessica better up her game if she thinks she can keep Big Daddy Maddog happy because he is a PLAYER ! g 😉

  3. inspectormoorse May 23, 2023 3:22 am  Reply

    Is Maddog teaching us how much he is such a player? Do I take notes big mac mc fatty? I will pass as i know how that panned out before chubby checker mother fucker.

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