$1000 mixing desk down the loo, and who stole Rick’s garden ?

In an email that reads……

“I was so pleased to realize Nellie has broken his mixing desk! $1000 down the loo where his head should be also, You had one job and you failed at that you baldy nonzey chops Here is it falling down the back of the table along with it drenched in wine hahahahaha it could not have happened to a more bigger ASSHOLE Glasgow ghoul like YOU! “

~Nellie the drunken idiot~

~Who stole Rick Berry’s garden ?~

Seriously how does one steal another’s garden ?

You may recall Rick Berry the scum bag goof who’s husband now spends time in a Birmingham prison for sexually assaulting autistic children. Well it would appear that there are others who haven’t forgotten and they have Rick’s number.. and his garden.

Seriously can’t make this shit up……. These two idiots are a comedy team.


  1. Earl Pitts January 23, 2023 8:44 pm  Reply

    To bad for Nellie and they should have taken more than Ricks Garden because he is Disgusting !

  2. inspectormoorse January 24, 2023 1:01 am  Reply

    Whoever ” Stole Rick Berry’s ” Garden is a legend how ever they did it? As for Nellie hello I will forever hate you. You created your own demize

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