Dumb and Dumber love their bots, EXPOSED on TWITCH

On April 8th 2021 I posted documentation clearly outlining a bizarre trend that was taking place on Adumb’s and Jessica’s TWITCH accounts.. You may recall as their numbers seem to explode out of no where leaving many to believe that bots were being used to beef up their soft weak numbers. All thanks to those for the screen grabs on that…All credit to our very own Stumpymcdugal and banannalover on this latest find.

Just 6 days after the initial post exposing these two ass clowns for their TWITCH bot shenanigan’s …BAM. Look and see for yourself.


Jessica how did you go from 1.2k followers and lose over 1000 followers in just 6 days ? Not only for yourself but for Adumb as well, let’s face it both of you were caught not once but TWICE, congratulations for being so stupid.

Since you’re so well brought up on the scriptures of God I thought I’d send this along for ol times sake.

I’ve posted the link below for those of you not familiar with the post.


  1. puddintane April 13, 2021 9:17 pm  Reply

    Those cunts should be banned on twitch…Lying pieces of shit…

  2. banannalover April 13, 2021 9:23 pm  Reply

    looks like both now only have two regular viewers .the rest of the viewers have ran off after both were exposed on here.

  3. Wu-Zi April 13, 2021 9:46 pm  Reply

    i’ve found these answers on 2 websites if its against TOS to buy followers on Twitch, and yes it is totally against their TOS. According To Quora: Yes, buying a follower does violate its Terms of Service. Especially on Twitch, if you buy a “fake” view or regarding view-botting, it can be banned or suspended.

    According to StreamScheme: Bots and fake followers are considered illegal by Twitch and other streaming platforms and usually against the Terms and Conditions of the platform.

    So i’m guessing Adumb and Jessica are gonna lose their channels and possibly jail time cause its illegal to do that.

    • monkeysniffer April 13, 2021 9:49 pm  Reply

      It would come down to jurisdiction, and as you know Adumb lives in Canada, Twitch is in San Francisco, but Jessica’s in NY horseheads.
      Could be because they both removed the bots that TWITCH may leave them be, but we shall see.

  4. ggstits April 13, 2021 11:07 pm  Reply

    Bots are Jessic’s and Adumbs only friends and viewers and how fitting it is because who wants to be around them anyway

  5. Magnus April 14, 2021 6:01 pm  Reply

    Twitch tweeted out about the follow bots and they got rid of them, so they indeed follow botted 100%, sucks for them that they don’t have over 1000+ followers, Jessica and Adumb now needs to earn them like the rest of the streamers on Twitch https://gyazo.com/a0dedaf2b3f91b85ace968320b3de921 Karmas a bitch

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