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More from the two cows dUmb and DumbbeR, but this time it’s tough guy with a hand gun “Charles”, who has a need to ‘skull fuck’ Rodney….How romantic.

Seriously can’t make this shit up. I honestly believe since being doxed Charles aka Skullfckery is slowly becoming senile, losing all sense of reality slipping into madness. Charles try stepping away from the net and try getting yourself an actual life, you’re not right in the head..LOL… Well hold on this is the same FOOL who has a sexual desire for Jessica, so that speaks volumes of his character right there.

All credit to Rod for the grab.

Some of you may recall as I had doxed Charles K Maddox aka MAdDog, I had discovered a possible link involving Charles and the South Carolina Courts system?…. Soon real soon!


I’m uncertain what was taking place during this conversation in chat, but it would appear Charles pissy pants has a racist streak just like his twin dummy relative Jessica the living mutant. It must run in the family as a result of inbreeding and mutated genes.

Assuming Roco took the screen grab, hence why Charles the Hut decided to lash out with ” Roco you suck”.

I had no idea the ol fart Roco was still alive!

So in other words we have two racist bickering with one another in chat rooms! Ohh joy LOL

My thoughts…..The more I witness of Charles aka MadDog, the more I’m truly convinced that both he and Jessica were spawned from the same family gene pool. Let’s hope the two beasts never breed spawning more mutants such as themselves

~dUMb aNd DuMBBeR~

~eu te amo para sempre~

The dribbling fish eyed hobbit has given me his blessing so that Gina my toxic insane psychotic crazy e lover woman, may finally be with me! I’m excited beyond words over this spectacular news!

Not so sure if that’s a good thing or not?

I may have to hire bodyguards?

However gran mas thrilled to finally have me move out of the basement!

My EX lover George, not so pleased over this!

And now for the video that has changed my entire life…forever! Thank you Sam I owe you everything! Now Gina and I can make future plans!

I know I’m going out on a limb here but, Merman has always been one of the few casters who spoke up when so few would over the Adambro registered sex offender issue.

For that reason alone I’ve always respected him.

Say what you will about him, but he was one of the few with the brains and the nerve to say something where others such as Jessica stupidly went along with anything, Merman actually had common sense to think.

Ohh la la Jess, we can see a lil side tit!

Makes me wonder about old man Yetta’s common sense, so highly educated yet so simple minded!

Huge thank you to those for the videos used here.

I was handed video and about 20+ screen grabs detailing what took place over the weekend. I’m unsure what came first so I’ve placed them all up.

~Merman and his sexual escapades~

~Merman furious at Sam for blocking him~

This certainly wasn’t a call that most would want to be on!

Thanks for the screen grabs and vids used here.