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He who laughs last, laughs best

The sloth like tub of goo now known as “Charles Titty Maddox” has now taken up to mocking and humiliating other casters on the site he himself streams from! This sad excuse for a so called “man” is nothing more than a shit stain upon the ground! A greasy turd with no self respect, a disgusting degenerate!

He should be banned for being so detrimental to the entire site and not respecting the other casters. How can he sit there and openly mock others with his ginormous floppy pasty tits and his piss stained clothes, pathetic example of how low humanity has come!

He is nothing but NEGATIVE HATEFUL cancerous energy to that entire site. He needs to go!

Tanks to all for any content sent in.

I’m unsure of all the details but it would appear that a guest possibly being Mennelie was doxing Jimmy, so in return Jimmy doxed the guest he believed to be Mennelie.

However during the day Karen decided to question Jimmy, claiming she had received a crank call on her phone that she claims was from Jimmy himself.

Jimmy Rizzo refused to answer the guest’s (Karen’s) questions!

This is all the proof I have from Karen concerning her accusations of Jimmy’s crank calls!

Later on for some strange reason Jimmy decided to play porn. Miss Scruffy showed up, resulting in his ban from VL!

Our most beloved lumpy dumpy horsehead is at it again as she blows chunks out of her orfice while frothing at the mouth during a live VL cast!

Her mutant rage was such a spectacular meltdown that Faroe..Inspector Moorse…Knurlednut and even Yetta make special appearances.

Here’s where it began!

Moorse drops this blog’s link trying to expose Jessica when she called the police on Faroe. Jessica not only denies calling the police she then lays claim that our blog link maybe tainted while issuing a warning to Mark.. Can you believe this ?? So desperate to hide her own guilt, Jessica’s ready to make false claims of tainted links from this blog, meanwhile Jessica frequents this blog at least 100 times day along with MadDog!

But thanks to good ol Faroe he steps forward, and provides the FACTS about Jessica’s malicious reports to the police. That’s how this started.

Tanks for the video here!

The disgusting she cow then began to have technical issues, claiming it was a “blizzard”… Right at 14c with rain I don’t foresee a blizzard… But we FINK that a certain… factor…. may have led to her tech issues…LOL.

Final thoughts…. Once again this vile lump of feces called Jessica proves just how low and pathetic she can be! From false claims of virus ridden links to denying her involvement making police reports upon Faroe, this video has it all….Enjoy.

Now before anyone goes asking me WHY this worthless childish brain dead monstrosity of a blog was deleted, all I’ll say is…..WHO CARES?

But for those for those of you who didn’t know this hasn’t been the first time!


The fool’s clever rebuttal!….You’re going to love this as her stupid level is off the charts!

At the end of the day… you can’t make this shit up, because when you’re this stupid and you haven’t a clue!

Tanks for the update.

HOT off the idiots very own blog comes this latest social mess…..

Another classic foot in the mouth, as Jessica Baldick.. the idiot without any brain cells now mocks people with disabilities who happen to be Wal-Mart employees.

I kid you not!!!!!!

Seriously who da fck can make this shit up?…Please tell me!

Why does this bloated delinquent.. half assed.. escaped.. mutant farm animal.. continue to humiliate herself as a hobby????????