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Sam is without doubt the most paranoid cry cry lil man child of all time, listen as he bellyaches on Youtube in anticipation of WW3.

He states that “something big will happen this summer”. He even goes so far as to guarantee it.. Imagine that ?

This weak minded dipshit can’t boil water yet makes claims that would affect the entire human race….Please spare us spam clown.

How does this small insignificant cockroach live with himself ?

When I saw this from 9yrs ago the first thing I thought to myself was Jessica hasn’t changed at all LOL….. She actually lost her shit with the dentist ..Read on.

Jessica Baldick on Facebook★★★★★★★★★★

please do not attend this dentist, they are teeth pull happy and want nothing but your money, another thing the dentist is a foreigner, sorry but unless u trust this dentist in touching ur teeth my advise is to find another one they also discriminate against people with disabilities, against the disabilities act, i have one and they came out and said they dont take people with disabilities/emotional issues please be advised if you have a disability and u need a place this place is not for you they will turn u down flat if u cant control emotions on their decision.

Thanks for sending this in..

Videos that were sent in.

“Stope lets mom talk to viewers about owning his building.”

“313 showing off his 2 alcoholic talents: burning money.”

“Stope: Heartwarming, respectful conversation with mom.”

Has stoopid cupid shot her love arrow too soon ?

Even though 2023 has just begun we already have the dumbest comment of the year. Imagine that.

Ohhhh Jessica lol

With daddy out the way the good news for Mr pissy MadDog is he can finally consummate the watery urinal love between Jessica and himself just in time for valentines…. Hope he remembers to bring plenty of diapers.

It’s all about those aliens you see. I can’t make this up.