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This video is from several months ago but what some may find of interest is that Chris claims his pc was hacked and therefore Menellie could load childporn on to Chris’s hard drive.

Am I saying Chris is innocent ? …No… all I’m saying is that there are those of us who have always maintained the belief that Menellie played a far greater role in this mess and somehow has walked away with clean hands…..He’s far dirtier than most realize.

All credit to Warwick Davis for the vid.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the full truth about these two. You’ll just have to place trust in your own heart.

It’s that time of year again as the Ebeggars and their sticky hand outs make their rounds one by one… Btw I’m waiting for Frank Taylor if anyone has any NEWS on him give me a ring.

Ben is requesting cash for his sister and her family ?

Thanks for the screen grabs 🎅

Now before anyone jumps down my throat calling me a Grinchmonkey with it being Christmas an all, let me take you on a lil journey down memory lane with Ben’s Ebegging past.

It all started about 20yrs ago on Facebook…..and it has progressed up until recently …. But I will say this it isn’t the first time Ben has asked for money do you recall when he asked for $682.09 to fix his car for a Walmart job that was 19 mils away. But it turned out the cash was for his sister’s car and not a job ?….. If you click on the links you can pretty much see it all for yourself. No need for me to repeat what’s already been said before. ENJOY.

Oh and be well and Merry Christmas Ben you lazy son of a bitch. 🐒

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on another planet the big NEWS on social media platforms is the recent purchase of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk. But what many don’t know is that old Twitter for years allowed “child pornography” to remain on the site unchallenged.

Until now……..

“Twitter under Musk’s leadership has been quietly making small changes that will have a huge positive, global impact on the most vulnerable, people with no voice and no way to advocate for themselves: children who are sexually exploited. To give you a sense of the scale of the problem, on Twitter alone, there were 86,000 reports of the sexual exploitation of children in 2021, though I believe the true number is much higher.”

For me, this is personal. My name is Eliza and I’m a survivor of human trafficking. I have made the issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation material on Twitter a specific area of focus over the last few years, ever since I heard the story of John Doe #1. John Doe #1 is suing Twitter, along with a second plaintiff, John Doe #2, for knowingly allowing their sexual exploitation as minors on the platform. Both John Does were solicited and recruited for sex trafficking as minors, and child sexual abuse material depicting them later found its way to Twitter. They alerted Twitter and asked the platform to remove the content, but though Twitter reviewed the material and verified the minors’ identities, those in charge still would not remove it.

“Twitter refused to remove the illegal material and instead continued to promote and profit from the sexual abuse of the children,” reads the lawsuit. Twitter even reported back to John Doe #1 that the video in question did not violate any of their policies.