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Silly content with no rhyme or reason but I do like to change things up a bit every once and a while.

~Boston Chickie ruined Jessica’s day~

~What is this Taiyron place ?~

Jessica’s political views on a never heard of before place called Taiyron and another place called Yakraine, but yeah it’s Jessica horse head so I rest my case.


“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”

Thank you for all the videos used here.

I received an email recently from a viewer who was upset over the use of racial slurs and language coming from Vaughn live. The caster better known as Bubbaganoosh was the streamer in question and this is what the disgruntled viewer had to say.

“Bubba goes full KKK with Daryl in the room participating. This racist rant lasted a LONG time, I just grabbed a short clip. I think it’s fair to say the Vaughn’s fully support this and are white supremacists. Bubba even eggs people to report him because he knows nothing will happen. And again, Daryl was participating with this the entire time.”

Thanks to the person who sent in the video.

“Here is a screenshot of Daryl in bubbas room telling people to report him when they were telling Daryl to do something about bubbas KKK show’

“The Vaughn’s are shadow banning. I keep mentioning bubbas KKK stream in rooms and all of a sudden I “lost connection to the chat”. Then I come in with new IP, nothing happens, then I mention bubbas KKK stream and BOOM “lost connection the the chat”. Happened several times in a row.”

My thoughts….. To be honest I haven’t a clue as to the solution to the use of the word “nigger” on social media, it’s certainly used on various platforms as well in persons homes… streets and everyday lives. I’ve witnessed white folks call each other nigger as well as black folks refer to themselves or one another as nigger.. Imagine calling one self a “nigger” and actually believing it’s acceptable in that degraded society ? … How ignorant and low educated that individual would have to be. Anyone who tries to tell me different would only make me piss my pants with laughter. What a joke. The word has become a desensitized form of amusement or in many cases a friendly greeting.. “Yo ma NIGGA wuzz up ?” ..Sound familiar ?

I know because I’ve witnessed it with my very own eyes… So what do we do well maybe STOP using the word period and to those who refer to themselves as being a“nigger” maybe reevaluate yourself ?… If the shoe fits then wear it, or maybe just maybe if EVERYONE stopped using the word we may be able set a more positive example ?

Someone was kind enough to send me a YouTube video of the latest news on the Von Helton estate situation.

“Von Helton might be getting 18 grand lol….here’s the video of Larry Frost, he’s Aunt was Helton’s Mom…..have to listen to what he had to say….he was in charge of her estate until she died”