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Randallman sent this in to me in regards to Faroe’s song from the previous post. Faroe may have competition for my love <3.

“There is only one man that sings to MonkeySniffer and that’s me. That dweeb better back off!”

“I dedicate this song to MonkeySniffer.”

Aug 26, 2022

Feel Like Making Love (Dedicated To My Sweetie MonkeySniffer)

I now have a serious erection over this, thank you dear.

~Rick Berry wants to make the kids suffer~

Seriously can’t make this shit up. The children that were sexually assaulted by Rick’s husband are on Rick’s hit list . Can you believe this goof ?

Credit to Idol Exposure date Sep 19, 2021

~That Time Rick Berry Got His Tallywacker Out~

If you have 26min to kill.. enjoy.

All credit to Vincent Williams.. Aug 28, 2022

a person who commits a crime involving sex, especially sex with a child

Nonce (Menellie) a Vaughn live streamer says in 2030 or 2050 adult child relationships will be legal, let’s hope this never becomes a creepy pedophile reality.

You never know if Warren Bucks and Menellie ever meet up I’m sure the both of em would have a lot to share. Both have so much in common.

Maybe Eric Samosky (Whirlwind) can finance this meeting ?

Thank you for the video used here