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An email was sent in by a concerned viewer who had this to say about Whirlwind aka Eric Samosky.

“Whirlwind, who calls EVERYONE a pedo, except Warbuck who is a pedo, finds a new innocent victim. Lets see if Mark protects one of his big VIP channels from whirlwinds lies.”

“Whirlwind accuses Gil_on_VL of being a pedo and his reasoning is because he communicated with an “18 or 19” year old adult. Listen to the mental gymnastics. The sad part is that mark allows lies and slander from whirlwind and doesn’t protect the “community” he claims to care for so deeply.”

Thanks for the video

For me personally I know what kind of character Eric Samosky truly is and
I’ve witnessed his shenanigan over the years, he’s a distasteful creep who would sell out and lie for any reason. So I take the filth from his lips with less than a grain of salt.

LOL here he was caught congratulating himself for a great cast, what a clown… OH yes Samoky I’ve known all your dirty lil secrets. For years.

And of course here he is calling out Warren for both hitting his cat and his very own mother ..I rest my case on this pile of lying lard.

~And of course the coup de grâce~

All credit to Brad Silverdog for this latest Von update.

The Kentucky Sorcerer may have run out of spells to cast as his watery drippy luck may have finally caught up with him. Yesterday he not only lost parental rights to his 2 children but failed to collect his mother’s death money as he admitted to literally standing by as he watched his mother die of a stroke right before his very eyes.

Lets’ hope da gawds have more in store for this low life.

‘Jul 29, 2022 Vonhelton is back at it blaming the storm because his Gods are mad at the Clay County court. The thing is… it is washing away his property, road and trailer. He is his GODS lulz clown. ‘

For whatever reason Faroe the mighty lover with the best wideo and wadio has decided as of late to have himself banned from Vaughn live for no apparent reason.

( 0 ) (o )

Several casters such as Karen have reached out to him with no luck and without any explanation as to why this sudden cry me a river behavior is taking place.

So after giving her all Karen finally releases her orgasmic hold upon the mighty one as she spills the beans…and unleashes armageddon the only way she knows how……

It’s going to be a rough one folks so wear your rubbers and fasten your seatbelts, Karen has had enough of the cat and mouse games and she lets it rip on the whale gobbler with the i9.

I swear it’s like another Chris While was born or something what gives here ?

So when a living breathing pile of poop like Rick Berry tries to justify and defend himself with such an insane statement it speaks volumes.

Rick you poor worthless puss bag next time say nothing, do nothing like this you can’t go wrong. That’s what us normal people would do. You on the other hand……Well….. I rest my case.

Thanks for the video used here.


Oh Jesus I’m informed that it’s a possibility I may have misunderstood the verbal rantings of this mutant fecal goof. I’m being told he would rather have sex with a ‘DADDY’ than a kid NOT a DOGGY. So far we know he wants sex with something whether it be a daddy or a doggy or a chicken or any other farm animal is beyond me.

A long as he doesn’t want sex with me is my only concern.

Now please excuse me as I blow my nose removing the water from my nostrils that somehow ended up going up my nose as I read the comment to myself while drinking a glass of water.


BK has an announcement for all the men out there if any men want to touch his body he’ll charge $50.

If you want more than that it’s a $100.

Play with his DICK he wants $200.

But if you want ANAL it’s FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Thanks for the video used here.