Monthly Archives: June 2022

Jessica was seen floating around the most naughty of places just the other day, in fact it was at this drug infested sewer of low lives that she was last spotted.

~Naughty Jessica fitting in with the trash~

Normally if it was anyone else I wouldn’t say anything but it’s Jessica once again making a terrible decision to gather around a cluster fuck of completes imbeciles. You think after the poor decisions regarding Adumb Jessica would have leaned not to associate with the likes of this lot ?

~As a side note if you wish to fit from Mandy~

Make sure you make as many sexual comments as possible towards the males in chat, after all it makes even the smallest person feel complete and wanted. This way if any unwanted comments are directed towards you the white knights of the chat will protect you as though you are their ho and sex play thing.

~But don’t forget most importantly show your tits… (o ) ( 0 )..~

Be flirtatious pretend you don’t care play as much as possible and make sure you have a sugar daddy by your side at all times.

Thanks to all for the eyes ears and mouth on this….

Guess SAM I am was asked why he refuses to attend Jessica’s morbidly obese single brain celled poop streams…well he had this to say.

His answer might surprise you in to hysterical bouts of laughter. Can’t make this shit up.

Hard to imagine this dribbling fish eyed hobbit taking himself so serious.

Tankssss for da video.

All credit to our dear Knurled Nut who had this to say…..

“Is Jessica turning a new leaf? It would seem she’s tired of all the BS she caused and participated in over the years.
My dear Jess, you’ve lied and created havoc for many, many years. One post on your unvisited blog will not abstain you. 
I give you 60 days before your shit is right back in someone else’s shit. You can’t stay away. “

Ha you’re given her 60 days, I’m given her 48hours LOL

From Jessica……

So I recently decided to remove several posts because I felt they shouldn’t be there anymore plus the shit is getting old, for now when I am blogging it will be all about my lifestyle and things I will be doing other than my daily internet shit that don’t need to be there.

Today has been relatively quietly and not much going on other than addressing that the security guard at my store is a woman, lol and my mother doesn’t collect off of me by the way, I work at least 32 hours to be exact. So the information people are feeding you are wrong.

To me, I’d like to know how much time people have to spend online talking about me 24/7 and making things about me instead of just chilling and hanging out that I am very confused about lol. If people will pay more attention my Blog will not feature much more stupidity than it really had, so that will also be removed.

Folks I hope you have a Fantastic day and I will be signing off for the evening”