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Let’s face it everyone loves a good simp story RIGHT ?

It seems Vaughn’s most recent jumper streamer may be our favorite dribbling man juice guzzling sperm sipping fish eyed hobbit SAM I am.

Now try saying that 10 times.

SAM on Vaughn live with GINA

In an email that read…….

I hope others were viewing SAM on Vaughn live I watched some and got repulsed! he is back talking to that Gina sexually I left as she was calling him ” Daddy ” and asking him if he loves her and so on But what has made me uncomfortable is the fact she asked SAM to adopt her? SAM replied I have not adopted a kid before it is all not right or normal SAM has changed into some sexual pervert! ‘………………………


Running back to Ivlog SAM discusses the aftermath between Gina and himself as things have become ugly once again between the two internet lovers.

Thanks to all for images and vids used on this post.

It turned into one of those bizarre Jessica rants that went all over the place. The topic was guns and mass shootings something Jessica was already opinionated on just like everything else.

She urges people to stop by her area/community but BEWARE for if you do you may find yourself being shot down by SWAT police.


But during this rant Jessica claims that her Walmart and the surrounding community were placed under lockdown after an alleged FALSE report was sent in that an active shooter was seen running through the mall.

When guests reacted by asking Jessica for the link to verify this bizarre story she actually claimed that she did not wish to DOX THE NEWS STATION.

Can’t make this up but Jessica sure can….

Something recent and something old, it’s one of those huh moments as our dear Faroe sorta wigs out complete with sounds effects and some really odd behavior.

Faroe what’s the deal here man ?

Do we need to call 911 ?


Something that was recently sent in but as you can tell is rather aged, perhaps the vid was lost and the sender recently discovered it.

No gypsies or poor folk allowed in King Faroe’s room! No cheap cheap


Thanks for the vids sent in.

In just a few short days a number of Ivlog casters have all of a sudden made the unexpected jump to Vaughn.

At this going rate there will be no one left to stream at Ivlog. So why is this happening could it be due to the recent reinstatement of ‘guest chat’ ?

Ivlog may need some 911 online emergency critical help….Or could it be too late ?