Monthly Archives: April 2022

This entire weeks been a flip flop of casters one minute friends then the next enemies, I can’t keep up with all of this flip flopping around.

So pick a side and stick with it you sons of bitches.

It all began with Jessica the beluga whale and demonic queen of mold calling Adumb and whining that Crabz her NEW best internet friend of the week had turned on her…again.

So pedo Adumb decides to make a NEW account due to the fact he’s still unable to stream with the old one. He calls it adam420x, it’s with this account he decides to stream his anger directed towards Crabz calling him a liar. This account is eventually banned for allowing someone’s dox.

However Crabz decided to beat Adumb to the punch and lay claim of being one of Adumb’s most trusted mods around the time he was in prison. This shit fest of retards low lives dumb fucks, fuck faces and trash is simply a buffet of internet bullshittery.

Drama and lots of it… I can’t make this up I tells ya.

I do enjoy how Crabz NOW wishes to lay claim that it is HE who has exposed Adumb. Problem with this logic is that this was done by several sources including myself back in 2017. Try an keep up Crabz.

Either with child or sufferings from a yeast bulging beer belly the burly Jessica always manages to strike a pose and lighten up a room even though it may be a fecal stinking sewer. God bless you dear you’re simply a Disney pedo princess.

Holy moly Crabz has lost it today as the fat man street brawler from Bawston has another public meltdown for all to witness… He’s loony.

~Crabz’s mother is receiving crank calls~

It all begin with an early email that read…….

Well crabo spent one hour talking about how creepy people are to call his mom at his number. Whether his address and number is out there he says it is “creepy” for people to call at all hours.
So I mentioned he did the same to MK. He claims he doesn’t know who she is.  Funny he knows MK is a she.”

Feeling frustrated and helpless he turns to site management running to Tech Corner in hopes of finding salvation from the Vaughn’s.

Apparently they told him to suck it up and warned by saying they would shut his guest chat off for him and put an end to it.

Let’s NOT forget how Crabz himself admitted to not only crank calling Montreal Karen numerous times but mocking her while she was battling breast cancer… Now that’s real Karma BITCH.

~Crabz gone nuts~

Thanks to all for screen grabs and video used on this post.