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You know full well when a grown adult is truly a BITCH when he threatens to call the police on you just because you leave him an IM in a chatroom.

Be careful Faroe Adumb might recruit Will Smith to slap you since you’re making fun of him on Vaughn live, after all we all know Adumb is a delicate princess.

Imagine actually getting worked up over your stream quality and deciding the police need to be involved LMAO…You can’t make this shit up.

All credit to Faroe for the screen grabs

After placing up the previous post someone was kind enough to give me screen grabs of the fallout as Mara’s decision to depart from the pedo hate group is revealed to both Jessica the groomer and Adumb the registered sex offender.

As we’ve all suspected Jessica buys her friends. Sad for a 36 yr old woman.

A comment that read…. Deactivated_UserThe fact marauder is no longer talking to him is a huge blessing, you can thank me for this one. I talked sense into her about how he called ppl derogatory names around her, he used the term retard heavily around a mentally disabled person. when I made that clear she finally had enough, btw, I also have some screenshots of Jessicas behavior as well in a PM that she sent me on one of my fanpages I’ve created years back, this happened around the same time Marauder blocked her and Adumb from her life. they blame everybody but themselves for all this shit going on, they are the ones to blame for their immature and grooming like behavior, its a deadly disease that must be cleansed.

Cancer has no place anywhere, and of course thank you for the screen grabs used on this post. However there’s an old saying that kinda goes like this… To Jessica and Adumb.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

This post takes me back to when I began this long journey on Adumb Paul Stuart Browne.

I would load up 20 tabs on my browser and inform Adumb on his live stream that I worked with a wonderful fella by the name Adam Paul Stuart Browne, he was my co worker and such a nice guy. I would ask Adumb if he had ever heard of this individual.

Adumb would rant that I was trying to unsuccessfully DOX him he would then spew all sorts of filthy derogatory words in my direction and then ban me…..

Yeah I sure got the wrong guy alright..ooops my bad LMAO.

It’s amazing what a lil psychology can do with dim wit like Adumb. Thank you for the screen grabs great job.

Another Adumb supporter bites the dust.

All credit to Adumb for sharing this private IM on TWITCH with us.

Adumb I’ve been waiting since 2017 for a legal response. You did claim you would shut this blog down dox me and sue me but so far nadda zip..Oh and BTW what ever happened to Tracy and Patty with their very very smart friends ? Guess they weren’t that smart after all.

There’s was no way I was going to place up 6 hours of video as a fck tard pedophile rants and lies non stop. This worthless foreskin sucker could rim job a dog till he’s blue in da face for all I care. He’s just another internet clown for me to laugh at.

So I present a shortened humorous version of the events as the anal cancer known as Adumb whines after receiving the ban from Faroe’s channel…Enjoy.


Thanks to all for the content used here.