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More idiocy from Jessica’s weekend stream, only proving this trash bag as being one of the biggest low lives on the internet.

~Homophobic slurs~

~Food and gas prices are affected… (effected)~

Jessica saysPeople focusing on trolling me when they need to focus on the Ukraines and now our food and gas will be effected”

Please trolls STOP focusing on Jessica so our food and gas prices can be lowered.

Sexy time with Jessica

~Jessica… report… report…. report~

This is the video that has angered Jessica to report it several times over and over. So I’ve taken the vid and I’ve decided to place it up for everyone to see.

No need to thank me for this one Jessica you screwed yourself.

Last night not only proved how desperate both degenerates Jessica and Adumb are but how DUMB.

During Jessica’s childish Vaughn stream her retarded pedo rapist friend Adumb interrupts with a skype call, the two then plot to report and ban Faroe from TWITCH. Adumb advises Jessica to MUTE herself as she’s live streaming, they make the report but for some reason Jessica fails to mute herself resulting in an actual recording of the deed.

From what was recorded Adumb ghosts Glensroom on TWITCH as well as Jessica’s.

It’s called “MUTE” you FUCKING FUCK FACE donkey.

With the report completed Jessica resumes her stream with a “I’m back losers, hahahahahahahah”. No dear the only loser is YOU, it was all recorded.

This dumb pile of streaming hot shit never realized she was being recorded the whole time LMAO…NOW THAT’S FUNNY.

“I can’t leave until I have my wedding ring, can you please give me my wedding ring ?”


Ohhhh vey.

This tragic love story reminds me of my 2nd marriage or was it my forth ? Oh well I may have to contact my lawyer on that one but in the mean time I hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks for the video used on this post.

Speaking of love, my bird “Princess”