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Foxman forms an alliance with a tranny in a diaper! Big money in the future! 

When Foxman isn’t sexually assaulting women he’s met online you can find him drunk as a skunk on Youtube propositioning to men in drag wearing diapers to be his friend and sidekick. Isn’t life beautiful ?

Thanks for the video used on this post.

Faroe has recently handed me some skype messages he had with this woman Patty who has laid claim to being a “pedo investigator”.

You may remember her ?

No idea on why he’d waste his time with someone as dull witted, inventive and senile as humpa lumpa head Patty, but Faroe’s reasons are his own. Thanks to Faroe for handing me theses images.

There’s no way she investigated Adumb when the privacy laws are so different than those of the States, clearly Patty’s been smoking the herb for far too long and her nose seems to grow with each fib she creates.

Her last comment concerning Faroe not being allowed to be on the internet strikes me as being odd. If that be the case how is it possible that Faroe casts and streams from multiple platforms ?

As usual we can spot the scammers from miles away this Patty begs for DONATIONS and yet calls herself a pedo catcher without actually catching anyone. Hold on…. no wait she caught Adumb but then friended him.

Good for you Patty, enjoy your pedo rapist boy toy.

I’ve been doing this since 2014 and never asked for any DONATIONS from anyone, so go figure. You try doing that Patty.

A three way oline skype argument.

The call started between Paradice and this other guy, it quickly escalates when Crabz is brought in.

Funny on how everything Raphael Garcia says manages to come back to oral sex with other men.

Dude seriously what are you trying to say here ?

Thanks for the videos used on this post.

I have no clue what narcotics this nimrod is on but Jesus he’s insane. One minute literally begging people to come over an perform oral sex on him the next in super denial claiming he’s not actually gay.

Seriously make up your mind, you big dumb fat ass flower from Bawston. What’s making you so super moist in your dripping man pussy that you felt the need to beg strangers to come over for sex ?

Captain Fernando Amor says “Hi”