Monthly Archives: December 2021

For those not in the loop guest chat is back on and it’s become a shit fest war of words.

However I wanted to finish 2021 with what I consider 2 of the most angriest flip flopping and perhaps most deceitful violent individuals that we’ve seen in a while.

A 2 in 1 post featuring both Crabz Rafael Garcia and Jessica DumbDick.

Our fist post has none other than Crabz calling out people during his cast for a street fight. This time he has his sights set on Alvaro as he challenges him to come directly to his home.

Come to my house I’ll fight you.

Just in case Alvaro does show up for this Pay Per View extravaganza street fight we’ve set the fight at the back of Crabz’s house apt.

Cold refreshments and mouth watering finger food along with low calorie snacks will be served. Enjoy.


Keith has threatened Jessica and Merman’s wise protective words.

For those of you not familiar with the on and off hate between Keith and Jessica, let me briefly explain.

In the past Keith has threatened Jessica with both rape and murder on several occasions. This has upset Jessica and she has responded by posting on her blog but still remains friends with Keith and has him as a mod up on this particular cast.

During the video Merman explains that Jessica is a fragile and vulnerable female that needs his protection…..

However back in Oct 2021 Jessica had written up a post on her blog directly meant for me and it states……

“MonkeySniffer I’m coming for you and you will either KILL for me or be KILLED what is your choice ? “

I don’t know about you but this doesn’t seem like a frail vulnerable woman to me…….. What do you say ?

Just food for thought on what folks deem as vulnerable.

Ivlog has another train wreck to add to their ranks, but the good news is this one has intercourse online during her cast.

Clap… clap…. clap…….. burp fart snort.

You may recall Laney or as I like to call her Lenny the emotional train wreck who for a brief moment had 3 seconds of fame on Vaughn live for having intercourse with her leprechaun lover, this online blooper had her banned for a period as someone had to use disinfectant wet wipes to clean up the toxic wet residue from the site.

Now her drunken blabbering casts can be viewed on Ivlog, how refreshing.

Maybe Cr3am can gift her allowing Lanny to remove her clothes again and perform other sexual acts for us in hopes of increasing the traffic flow on a dead site called Ivlog ?

Or maybe she can blabber her drunken way into nothingness ?

Pretty much like Jessica but with alcohol.

A video that was sent in has more of the rapist registered sex offender whining over his recent online treatment. He’s just so upset that people can’t accept him for who he is LOL…Man he can bitch LOL.

Adumb now realizes that people are not attacking him for no reason but because the vast majority of intelligent free thinking people see him as as nothing more than an ignorant piece of shit. And that’s something we all can agree on. Good for you Adumb thanks for agreeing with everyone.

During some point of the video he plays his Asian girly/boy with make up music video. I had to laugh to myself on this one, you’ll see why.

Ask the Asian girly band nicely and perhaps they may let you join ?

I never seen so many Asian boys with make up on, gee Adumb I’m left speechless on this one HahAHahahahahaahahahahhaahah.

All credit to Faroe for sending in this video.

On Christmas day most if not all of us are celebrating with friends or family, it’s that one time of the year that people put aside petty differences and enjoy the holiday.

But not in Rapeman Shawn’s case, just listen to this…. as he actually tells his own mother to fck off on Dec 25th Christmas day.

To some this may seem out of character coming from the Rapeman but I’ve personally heard him plenty of times speak down to his mother this way. It’s his nature. I hope the next idiot who decided to hand him cash online hears this video, in fact I hope all of his so called online friends hear what a despicable sack of feces he really is.

All credit to Acoustic Matty for the vid.

More with AndrewC calling out Patty the Pedo hunter.

During the video AndrewC shares an interesting tidbit as he informs us he was on a skype call with Adumb when for a second Adumb nearly “spilled the beans” on his prior convictions related to the sexual assault of a 14 yr old girl.

This Patty woman has a few screws loose as she now claims she will defend Adumb for she speaks with honesty and truth but then in the next breath calls this entire situation “GAY”.

Way to go Patty so now you’re pretty much confirming you may be homophobic ? What gives with a statement like that ?

Thanks to the person for the video.