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All credit to my ex Randallman.

Randall :Seems that Mr Internet Tough Guy Joe Walsh calls his underwear “Panties” LOL.

I’m an internet tuff monkey and I call my undergarments panties but then again I call my genitals a peepee hole.

Ladies you now how difficult it is when you’re at the bus stop or the shopping line waiting to cash out and a group of individuals are just standing around congregating on your pussy ?

Dealing with the redness and soreness that keeps you up at night ?

Frustrated that no one hears your pleas of pussy anguish ?

Well Jessica Baldick has the solution and now demands that you get off her pussy…..NOW.


Thanks for the screen grab..haahahahahah

Seriously you really thought I was joking ?

She’d rather be a low life then someone that’s high maintenance and high class ? Proud to be a low life…

Ohhhhhh Jessica dear no worries you are low class and will never attain anything but such status. After all hun you earned it.

This isn’t the first time you brought up your pussy.

So I thought since your genitals need constant stimulation then perhaps try these toys.

~Potty mouth~

If semi cooked raw chicken is your thing then this is the meal for you.

As once again the dribbling fish eyed hobbit has proven that not only has he 1 remaining brain cell but he’s proven he can’t cook a perfectly good chicken, his chances of cooking a chicken are as good as finding a woman to be with him even if he paid and kidnapped her.

If this is how your mother taught you how to cook then we must also believe your mother taught you how to eat as well as clean your home ?

Let’s face it you can’t even wash dishes even though you use a dish washer, and that’s the truth.

After boasting on how great a cook he is our drunken fish eyed hobbit discovers the raw giblet bag with it’s semi raw chicken’s contents still inside after being cooked in the oven.

Possibly one the most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed as the dribbling fish eyed hobbit then devours his semi raw bird like a topless Jessica dancing on a bar stool at 4am in the morning.

The rice on his plate tries to flee from the raw chicken like roaches. He hacks into the raw chicken like that dude in The TEAXS chainsaw massacre, at any moment I expected him to produce a machete and just slice the thing up.

Thank you for the video used on this post.

Last night was a first, as SAM (the fish eyed hobbit) got on a TWITCH call with Glensroom…And it was all we hoped it would be and more.

SAM has another Ivlog caster (Bun Bunz) making some rather steamy allegations against him, possibly of the naughty kind. We don’t have any proof of this YET, but we do know is SAM has a rich checkered past with sending out unsolicited nude shower vids and nude pic of himself to at least 3 women. Do we have a 4th?


Oh yeah SAM might be nervous.



Glen asks the cry baby dribbling fish eyed hobbit about smoking pot. Hilarious on how SAM won’t allow Glen to get a word in.

SAM- “My life is I’m single and I live in a house I can barely afford.”

Glen- “Why do you say that when your sister takes care of the bills and taxes for you.”

SAM- “I take care of most of the stuff.”

Glen- ” I know, but I know the truth, I’m telling you. Why are you afraid to tell people?”

Glen- “Who would you want to meet the most ?”

SAM- ” She passed away, but I’d want to meet Vera. She was a nice lady.”

Glen- “She was a piece of shit, I’m glad she’s dead. Fuck her.”

I hope we get more of this. I’m sure someone out there has something to add to all this and I can hardly wait…Hahahahahahahaahahah. Thanks for this vid.

I’ve placed up several posts from 2020 when SAM was sending out his nude shower videos making threats of legal action and basically making himself look like a first class cry baby as he whined for his sister’s help in dealing with the matter. Hey SAM now that your sister knows answer me this, what did she do to remove this blog and all it’s truths concerning your secret life style ?


What has become possibly the most pathetic whiny lil cry baby of all time is now at it again….Rafael (Crabz). He just can’t stop.


“I’m not talking about you stupid nigger” Says Paradice..

You have to see it to believe it, but of course it’s all lies manufactured by myself. Funny on how all these cry baby casters seem to repeat the exact same thing ?

You ever notice that ?

Wise monkey once said, I Kan’t macke Dis up.