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I had to laugh at this due to the fact Merman has spent years letting everyone know about his over sea vacation hookers but for some reason now feels as if he needs to clarify or explain himself. Just seems funny.

Odd how he looks as though he’s wearing lipstick, I know he isn’t but I dunno he looks odd. Thanks for the video used here.

I dunno bout you but I became sick of looking at Foxman’s stinking face and felt like we needed something new to look at.

So I decided to place up some odds and ends I had laying around for entertainment.

Masturbating Mae has a massive orgasm.

I feel as though I’ve witnessed more then enough of Mae’s privates to demand either a ring upon my finger or some form of commitment. I’m like wow.

Foxman Shawn falls over.

Jessica dances.

Von Helton a documentary.

Credit to MrzParker

Thanks to all for the content and giggles shared here.

During Rapeman Shawn’s Youtube cast dated Wed Aug 25, he decides in good taste to place up the image of him and the woman he allegedly sexually assaulted recently during a meet up.

With the allegation of rape only several weeks behind him the alcoholic from Barrie Ontario now sets his eyes on to his next online target.

Take note of the small image placed on Foxman’s cast to the top right, I’ve marked it with red arrows. I’m guessing he feels the need to rub as much salt into the wound as possible so that he may feel manly and sexually competent flaunting his latest trophy for all to witness.

I’ve decided to give Joe Walsh the last word on this matter, but notice how Rapeman wouldn’t let Joe ask his question ?

Rapeman Shawn isn’t it enough that you’ve degraded and humiliated this woman for the last several weeks on Youtube ?

Why do you feel the need to feed your sick fragile self of what you call masculinity ? Be a man you worthless son of a whore and behave, leave her be. Haven’t you done enough damage already ? Since you’ve decided to reach out to another victim let’s hope this message reaches out to as many women as possible and hope this never happens again.

I may have been wrong when I said not much happened over the weekend with the full moon an all, from what I hear one of Ivlog’s elite casters and cum I mean chum to Cr3am has left the site for greener pastures.

Word is Thumbtack became rather vocal with a moderator or with Cr3am himself hence finding himself banished from the garden of cream. This might be happens when your cream doesn’t rise to the top ?

It’s unknown what actually took place during the conversation.