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A video clip sent in that has that creepy whatever fella Menellie trash talking and ridiculing various ethnic minorities.

Funny he admits to bending the knee at a recent BLM rally but sits there making some pretty rough comments, actually confused as to his motives. This dude has always made me feel slightly ill whenever I see him.

Another Menellie post but this one I had placed on the shelf from several weeks ago, here he was on Vaughn casting. Didn’t last long however he wasn’t banned either, guess he’s searching for viewers ?

Was sent the below image a few days ago during which time Sam had made what he considered to be a huge online sale, so he purchases a cheap plastic chair for a $100. Let’s be serious it’s not like his stinking sweaty ass needs anything better.

After he was done assembling the cheap chair, the sweaty sloth then sat down, it was at this point his background became visible on cam.

What I thought was interesting was the pathetic living conditions this feeble lazy man child was living in. Disgusting, no wonder he can’t find anyone to be with him it’s because he needs a mommy replacement or a maid.

Before I get this underway my point of this post is not to mock or humiliate those who pass away. In fact for the people who do know me I tend to stay away from posts regarding those who have passed, but for this one time I’ll make an exception. I DO FEEL I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RIGHT TO GIVE MY HUMBLE OPINION ON THIS MATTER.

Jessica’s grandmother has passed awaySo why beg for attention, why make this public on your blog ?

Now this is coming from a biblical hypocrite who on MANY occasions had such EVIL things to say on to others. Jessica you decided to make a post on your own blog and by making this PUBLIC you’ve opened the door on this one.

From last week….Perhaps the only person who needs to DIE is Monkeysniffer
From last week….The only person needing an execution is Sniffer
Date July 12th 2021
April 19 2021

I couldn’t find the post where Jessica wishes for Alvaro to jump off a cliff or the time she wished the entire state of California to have Covid, but you get the idea so far.

My thoughts…..

So where do I begin Jessica…do I tell you no one give s SHIT about YOUR DEAD GRAND MOTHER ?

Isn’t it fair to say since you attack people and their families wish DEATH or harm on to others wouldn’t the same rules apply to you as well ?

Who do you think you are to tell anyone to not mock the death of your grandmother, who are you to make such demands on anyone ?

Jessica you deserve a lot more then you’ve received but remember one thing Karma’s a bitch and this may be but life’s lil way of telling you something. Learn from it.

Remember you made this information PUBLIC on your blog.

What’s with the drunks online, Ohhhhh that’s nothing new EH ?

Feeling sorry for himself and all alone the self absorbed wanna be legend Foxxy man loses his shit live on a Youtube cast…burp.

Seriously when you going to get your shit together Foxxy, stop being an ASS ? Youtube is the only place that’ll take you, you’re banned from everywhere else.

If you ever find yourself bored of CAM4 and you need 5 min or less to throw away I strongly suggest you check out one of my favorite casters ..KARUNS.

When not pulling out her ginormous titty cannon hooters Karuns can be seen on Vaughn rambling in drunken incoherent sentences most of the time over her children.

Don’t get me wrong Karun is certainly one of my favorite casters but holy hell she’s a living train wreck. So I spliced together some silly recording of her Friday cast just for fun.

Why is this chick still single ?

Well seems Karen still holds an intoxicated flame for BT and may harbor ill feelings towards other women. All the way from Dec 4th 2020 and Karuns wont let go of BT, and her gift of a can of Ravioli.

Captain Fernando Amo…says “Hi”