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Is there nothing this idiot can’t keep to himself by shutting his dumb mouth ?

Every time he opens that hole in the front of his face called an anus more of his dumb shit seems to dribble out of his yap.

Here he is again not only bashing other people but this time he decides to have a few jabbed insults at the owners of the site he lives on…The Vaughns.

And the reason for all of this anger today is that someone was dropping the blog link that exposed our dear Frank, he wasn’t a happy camper.

Big dummies own words.

“The Vaughns fucking suck, dude. Mark Vaughn…They don’t do fucking shit bro. They like people abusing other people. They feed off of it or something. Fucking sick.”

Go on Frank tell everyone that everything here is “FAKE NEWS”.. cry for me again buttercup.

If the dumb shit that kept falling out of your mouth were gold, you’d be filthy stinking rich.

Early this morning an ass ripping so loud with so much toxic anger you could feel the earth tremors for miles in all directions.

When will the verbal bashing end for poor Frank ?

When will Frank finally stop breast feeding Paradice ?

Will Frank’s testicles finally drop, will he one day become a man, or at least half a man ?

The bashing must have gone on for hours ?

Submitted from Sat June 28th, all credit to Foxman.

Back in Nov 2020 you may recall the post “Friday Night Battle Royal” .Well this is another video pretty much featuring the same type of events.

The LINK to the previous post is down below.

This is what happens when people on a call walk away to argue with family members forgetting to mute themselves. Others on that call can then record and hence a shit show for the entire world to witness.

Thanks to those who sent the vids in.

Foxy gives head for a grand ?

“Foxman’s cast tonight. Zobeezy asks Foxman to suck his dick. Fox says he’ll do it for $1000 and for another $1000 he’ll let Zobeezy touch his wee wee.”

Obviously this Zobeezy fella wasn’t thinking clearly, because if he were he’d be the one demanding Foxy pay him a $1000 to suck his wee wee. Not the other way around with he paying Foxman.

Seriously Foxy why would you even entertain such a thing ?

SAM eats a pile of steaming home made shit.

And of course the simple minded dribbling fish eyed hobbit belly aching over a post he claims he cares nothing about. Complete with Sam contradictions. Can’t make this up.

The image of his mothers fish things with the Micky Mouse face burns his ass.

Last night Frank received a tongue lashing on Vaughn from his internet love interest Paradice, today it was Frank’s turn to vent his passionate anger.

From the broken heart of a man who gave his all emptied his soul. Now with tears in his eyes Frank weeps for the love he has lost all thanks to that Devil at the bottom of a bottle.

Frank dear I understand the pain you feel for I to have loved and given my all to another who turned their back on me and broke wind in my general direction. Sometimes it’s not meant to pee, I mean BE. Sorry typo.

The pain of an internet heartbreak can bring such betrayal and nights of unbearable torment, and that’s why I have my very own Barbie doll collection by my bedside to give me warmth and comfort on those lonely nights…….. ◕︵◕

We did try and warn you but your open heart and the fact you wanted to plunge your weeny in to Para’s pearly toxic gates lead you on to a path of doom and gloom. This pain was inevitable.

Even Paradice warned you but you refused to listen.

She did tell you that her alcoholic mother was helpless and that she ran off at 14 to have Bruce raise her, and from the age of 14 to 40 he’s still raising her. Frank it’s all she’s ever known when you see the mother you can then see the daughter.

The Captain has left port.