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Frank the now holy man of bullshit and hypocrisy has done it again. It’s seems every time one of these bull shit retarded casters begins the preachy preachy self promotion crap it some how manages to blow up in their face. For fucks sakes every casters becomes some kind of angel of goodness and love after pulling out biblical shit outta their ass. It never fails.

Funny how all the drunks and junkies turn out to be preaching casters.

Fat idiot Frank aren’t YOU the one buying the beer for this internet emotional catastrophe called Angie ?

Seriously how can YOU preach the word of god and all this jibber jabber then give her the one thing you know is destroying her from the inside ?

You haven’t a care of anything other than getting your fingers wet from a drunken slob of a woman you’ve fallen head over heels in love with.

I do recall other self proclaimed false holy persons of bullshit and me there’s plenty more of em out there on internet land from what I’ve seen.

So save me the preachy garbage I’ve already exposed enough of it.

Wow is all I have to say but it’s with great pleasure and satisfaction when I say…


And all credit to BananaLover for letting me know…I knew I kept you around for something dear <3.

No idea as to why…Long over due but great job to everyone and anyone who was involved.


Unfortunately the pedophile sex offender changed his name, and is not banned. For now. But don’t worry his problems are in the many, sooner or later.

Friday and we need a laugh so good ol dribbling fish eyed Sam the one and only baby man child has come up again.

As Samantha Shepard savior of the universe attempts to play the remastered Mass Effect, but what makes this so hilariously funny is that he’s trapped in a room desperately trying to accomplish a simple mission but now can’t find his way out. It’s a gawd damn room ffs ya dumb tit.

Placed on the EASY setting he spends hours searching for a way out only to give up and call upon his savoir YOUTUBE. He hopes for answers to what may be his life long predicament. But even with YOUTUBES help he becomes lost as much as three times.

At no time did he ever realize he had a mini map on the bottom right screen giving him directions….DUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It think it’s a miracle that Sam even manages to find the tip of his own dick to pee out of.

On a side note the video was over 30min long but I cut it down to 14, on the other hand his play time on this went into hours running aimlessly around screaming and venting his frustrations. Pure dribbling hobbit fun.

The idiot Frank continues to proclaim love for his drunken Princess Paradice, but the things he says are just so strange.

Seriously you’re asking if she took a dump ?..Not much for shit shat are you Frank ?

But as much of an idiot we know him to be Frank continues to send gifts in hopes of one day being the man that can then claim Angie’s heart.

Let’s hope when that day comes Angie has had a fulfilling and glorious bowel movement.

Captain Fernando Amore has an eye for you ❤‿❤

SAM needs an air conditioner and he’s broke like a dribbling fish eyed hobbit looking for common sense and a brain cell, so he needs our help now.

With summer quickly approaching SAM is super busy with flushing toilets and playing with Mr Wiggles so he has no time for any thing else.

This is where you come in…… $$$$$$

Jessica has decided to put together a GO Fundme account just for SAM in hopes of getting him a new ac for the summer.

Sam even let’s us know he spent last summer during a heat wave, 7 days for 5 hours everyday soaking in his bath tub.

TWITCH hot tub babe

Not only searching for online love but asking for financial assistance the dribbling fish eyed hobbit has no shame as he dives deep into his anal cavity to get to the heart of the matter and make his summer sparkle as an online TWITCH hot tub babe.

Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa SAM I am is officially wet an wild.

Thanks to those for the vids and images on this post.