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Recently more and more TWITCH casters are becoming aware of Adumbs online activities through this blog and by word of mouth, as one by one the tight TWITCH community are rallying together to remove Adam from their streams by shutting him out.

I believe this along with the fake bot fiasco may have garnished him more negative publicity than he bargained for. This may be the reason his views have plummeted downwards so badly.

Here’s one example of one such caster letting others know he’s no longer wanted and is banned, just as Jessica enters chat.

Jessica asks where is Adumb the casters replies by saying he’s no longer wanted in her circle as he brings too much negative energy to her stream.

Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

As the list of unclean reprobates increases so does the level of unsanitary toilet water, but hence that’s Ivlog’s legacy in a nut shell as was the same with Vaughn once upon a time. Strange how things can change yet still remain the same.

Joining the list of dimwitted characters is an old familiar Vaughn face “PimpDating” or (ODP) and trust me when I say here comes the shits and giggles.

It’s like having another Sam.

I can actually see Jessica teaming up with ODP and singing together on a cast. Or perhaps a future love connection has finally made it’s way to ODP’s casting heart ?

Oh man hahahahahahaahahahahahah, Oh man this is going to be something precious.

Aaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back in 2016 I did a Yetta cat fish post ,where it was discovered that Yetta had a kinky male admirer who sent her a sneak peek a boo video. Not much has changed for Yetta as it would seem another has taken up the challenge in wooing the lusty ol tarts heart.

We have Moonboots on a TWITCH stream listening to Yetta on her Ivlog cast as she discuses some rather explicate and possibly sordid details that can only be left up to the imagination. At the same time we have Moonboots clearly seen not only watching Chaturbate but his laptop seems to have the jitters, it’s enough to give anyone motion sick.

Is Moonboots behaving naughty on TWITCH ?

Thanks for the video

Oh Yetta we love you