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As everybody’s favorite rapist sex offender Adumb was ranting over Robert invading his personal TWITCH space. Those of us here at the blog were having a giggle over the proceedings until the lovely Jessica decided to stick out her big head by showing up to make threats of calling the police to one of our guests.

She assumed that Showtime was Faroe, but what made it so damn funny was that she had no idea as to who this person really was, so out she spews the threats of calling the police.

Jessica dear Showtime is one of the mods using the name for trolling LOL. You silly goose.

Jessica thank you again for letting the rest of us know what you truly are.

Oh and please don’t fret if at any time soon the police come calling upon YOU.

What goes around comes around.

Consider this part 2 of the post “Megan and Robert speak out

From Robert….

“Hello here is the story from our point of view. we all met through another caster stream . at that time megan had her age on her twitch page. so adam and everyone knew her age and no one can lie they didn’t know. this whole drama started with me saying in adams room his music sucked and omar gosh vidoes sucked. it was at that time i got banned. i lost my log in info and had to start a new account. no one knew i was bubabuba1980 till i said who i was a week later in another stream. it was at that point adam seen me in the stream and went off and banned everyone- jess koala megan and of course me again. he  went on a rampage on everyone and i tried to tell adam no one knew who i was as i did not tell anyone up to the point he seen me in another stream. at that point he was cursing everyone out including megan a 15 year old girl. so i went off and started to troll adam and sending messages to all his viewers with links to his news page and your page. at this time when he found out he blamed megan and me,,,megan never sent and messages to adam or anyone in his stream since the time she was banned. adam then was on a cast and said ” i know robert (me) and megan was watching,,,, “Megan i know you are watching me MASTURBATTING AND SHOVING A GILDO UP YOUR ASS ?” ,,,, how is that appropriate for a man in his late 20’s to early 30’s to say to a 15 year old girl ? is that not sexual abuse ? slander? sexual harassments ? vulgar ? he then the same night made a false police report to the U.K. police scotland yard. and reported her for cyber bulling and trolling him, and if you ask him for the screen shots of my comments he can post them fast, BUT IF YOU ASK HIM FOR THE SCREEN SHOTS OF HER COMMENTS HE HAS NONE AS SHE NEVER SENT ANY MESSAGES TO ANYONE AFTER SHE GOT BANNED. he has solicited everyone on his stream to file real and fake reports on megan and myself. On megan the reports will be false , and on me some are real and some are false as he was telling everyone to file a report even if i did not message them….he also told everyone to banned megan and myself or he would not support their channel. i do talk to Megan , her mother and her grandmother on a regular basis and teach a lot , and the only relationship we have are strictly friends and talk about  gaming / military / war movies and ww2 history. For future questions please feel free to ask, thanks so much  for your time.”

Thank you Robert.


Now as some of you may know back in 10/30/2017. I posted the first information on Adumb and his deviant past involving a sexual relationship with a minor who was 14 yrs old at the time.

It was roughly during that time I was handed a 12 page pdf file documenting the events in Adam’s court file.

For years I’ve kept this document to myself thinking that I was protecting the victim and perhaps doing the correct legal thing, but it has recently come to my attention that the LINK to that file is PUBLIC and all that was needed was a code.

Over the years many of you have requested the 12 page pdf file directly from me. There have been those such as Jessica, who have laid claim that the pdf document detailing the events of that time were forged with photoshop by my very hand and that the entire thing was a fraud. Jess even stated she did a search for this file and it was not to be found.

Down below I have made a simple video detailing on how one may obtain the court file, all that’s needed is a link and the code.

With the link and code down below you may find the court file for yourselves. Take note the code is his initials ……A.P.S.B……

The cite number is R. v. A.P.S.B., 2016 NSSC 29

With all that covered I’ve decided to place up several posts from Adam’s past detailing on how we came to our findings..

It would seem that Glen has made accusations about his ex friend Shreck86 concerning a certain criminal record of the felon type. Oh la laaaa.

Let the drama commence.

Thank you for the video.

Adumb desperate for cash and not watching Glen…

We have more that has just come in, we have Adumb and AndrewCShow discussing Glen as well as various other topics on TWITCH. For me personally I enjoy how Adumb literally begs for views to help with his non existent income by believing that TWITCH can financially help him out, if he could only get some views. LOL. He never stops as day after day he’s desperate for views and cash.

Adumb then whines about Funboy banning all of them on a recent TWITCH cast, but then switches gears to inform AndrewCShow that he’s actually proud of himself for not spending more time in Glen’s cast…Hahahahahahah

Unless you’re really really bored…. LOL Oh man this is insulting but funny as hell. On the flip side Andrew now plans to send in screen grabs to be posted of what Glen has recently been saying, I can hardly wait.

Glen isn’t not pleased with certain people and he’s ready to go.….

Watching him sway back and forth as he explains himself is hilarious cuz holy hell you know he’s pissed.

This is like who can slit who’s throat the deepest as groups of people now clamor together and openly discuss one another in the hopes no one catches them during a TWITCH public live cast.. Imagine that LOL.

Who knows what any of them are thinking and who cares. Thanks for the videos funny stuff for sure.

Remember Jessica claims she never knew Megan was 15 even though Megan states she clearly had her true age on her TWITCH bio.

Dated Tues Jan 26 2021.

Thank you for this screen grab

Right Jessica cuz in today’s society we call that……“STATUTORY RAPE” ??

Jessica no matter how much you may try to vindicate your bullying ways with misdirection and lies..


Jessica I suggest you stick with what may be the only honest thing you can ever do right and that’s with showing your tits on social media platforms.

Don’t complicate things they only seems to back fire in your face, just shut up.