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It’s no secret that both Jessica and Adumb decided to cast on TWITCH for financial gain, it hasn’t exactly worked out very well for either of them.

So a number of people decided to get together and help Jessica with her finances in the form of a Go Fundme account.

Lighting Jessica’s pussy on fire is the easy part, but the real fun came when Jessica decided to put out the flames by using gasoline. Hilarious.

Jessica dear every time you type something it’s stupid, but please continue.

So I believe I’ve found the perfect mate for Jessica, someone who carries the same grace intelligence and qualities that our mold queen exhibits.

I think they’re a perfect fit ..yes/no ?

I was truly unsure as to what to say when I witnessed this video for the first time. Paradice made this statement a public one so with that in mind watch the video you can decide.

Thank you for this video that used on this post.

A Tuesday evening cast from our simple minded mold queen Jessica, has her in panic mode as she searches for other sites that will allow a 15 yr old child.

It was the above screen grab on TWITCH that had her friend Megan admit to being a minor. Something that now Jessica regrets, as most folk call her out for associating with a child old enough to be Jessica’s own daughter.

But remember Megan is 19 according to Jessica

The video is 14 minutes of Jessica squirming over the topic of her 15 yr old child friend, she then goes as far researching other sites that allow 13 yr old’s. DLive and Bitwave are two sites mentioned as Jessica decides it might be best to leave Vaughn for less “stingy” rules.

But remember Megan is 19 according to Jessica

Without doubt Jessica cooks up a meal of stupidity and gross ignorance as the mold queen serves up the truth by pretty much admitting Megan is 15 yrs old. You can decided for yourself.


But if that wasn’t enough her best friend had this to say, as Shawnio thrashes Ryan by making claims that Ryan wants to get close to Megan due to her being 15….The problem with Shawnio’s logic is that he’s just admitted that both Jessica and Adam associate with a minor who’s 15…Megan.

Shawnio claims that Ryan is “grooming” Megan well if that be the case can’t both Jessica and Adam be accused of the same thing ?

Shawnio: “as you can see, ryan seems to have an unhealthy interest in this 15 year old megan girl.”

Shawnio: “no ryan continues to the interaction of Adams chat room, with a 15 year old girl.”

Shawnio: “Ryan busted trying to groom a 15 year old, when the community asked about it he threw Jessica under the bus.”

Only further proof that even Shawnio acknowledges Megan’s age as being 15. Therefore both Jess and Adam are guilty of associating with a 15 yr old minor.

A major thank you to both Shawnio and Ryan for exposing Jessica and her grooming ways, and as always thanks for the videos used on this post.

Last night was very eventful on Twitch as online friends ranted and roasted one another.

But with all of the talking secrets were revealed of a 15 year old girl…A minor from the UK. That both Jessica and Adumb have recently befriended. But first…………..

~~Jessica’s comments today concerning her ban~~

~~Jessica and company are banned from Adumbs cast last night~~

The below video I found to be interesting as the taboo topic of Adumbs criminal past had been brought up. The group had this to say.

“Neutral” my ass Jessica you’ve been a chronic liar through and through over the years concerning Adumb and his sex offender past. Owe up and stop pretending.

~~Megan the 15 yr old “miner”~~

I’ve left possibly the best for last, for you see as Jessica continued to rant and explain her case over the Adumb ban little did she know I had been receiving numerous emails concerning a minor that has befriended both Jessica and Adumb. A little known fact that Jessica has tried to keep quiet….Until now.

I was given the below screen grab several weeks ago…As you can see Adumb seems extremely upset over information being leaked out in open chat (his age)…Wonder why ?

It was at this point I was sure that Megan was either 13 or 16 years of age.

Furthermore I wonder if Jessica has informed this minor of Adumb’s sex offender past ?

I wonder if 15 yr old Megan has any idea that Adumb has been 31 since 2010 ?

Now I’m sure Jessica will blow it all away with her blasé demeaner, but I feel that may be difficult when you listen to how she snaps at Shawnio for displaying Megan’s true age in the above screen grab. Proof Megan is 15 and it does unsettle Jessica.

Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll Jessica we have soooooooooooooooooo much to go over now, perhaps let’s begin when …..YOU…… with your blog post making the claim “Faroe’s Singing Career with Miners”…You do recall in the post you tried to claim Faroe was a pedophile over this.


You claimed I had befriended over 250 young people on Twitch. Yet you can’t seem to substantiate your false claims with any documentation ..why ? Yet here we are with ..YOU.. having a 15 yr old minor as your online friend, classic “pot calling the kettle black” ?

As usual Jessica you’re neck deep in your own shit and lies.

My last few words on this post are directed towards Megan…

Megan listen I don’t care if you like me or hate me, your thoughts on me are indifferent and are not the issue here. I blog and present people as they truly are online with dirt and secrets being revealed openly to all. I threaten the very existence of vipers like Jessica and all who support or live in her lies, those like Adumb…Shawnio and so forth need to be exposed.

All I can offer or say is this, don’t use your heart to judge or make sense of this..READ…. the posts on this blog and …READ… the comments that go along with them. I hope it’s with these simple tools you may find a better friend. Be careful and take care.

Not picking a political side but when I came across this I had to place it up.

I was informed they may throw out the charges due to the flaccid accusation….I know limp joke right ?

No more porn for Trump…He incites too may “erections”.