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Just sent some new vids and of course we have Adumb on one of his latest Twitch rants.

I should have named this post “Adumb throws Jessica under the bus twice.”

This first video has Adumb being kind enough to finally admit to throwing Jessica under the bus when it came to the police showing up at Faoe’s home months ago.

Odd how Adumb now calls Faroe a cancer LOL..Adumb PLEEEEEEES spare us.

“Jessica you’re not seeing somebody that’s bullshit”

I nearly fell over in my chair as I heard this, but what’s even funnier is Jessica’s reason as to WHY she feels the need to be so secretive and lie… and it may surprise you.

Thank you for the vids.

I cannot confirm or deny this persons claims, however they had this to say…

In an email I was sent this….


Many people sent her money ,as she claims her fella abuses her but she is the one kicking the shite out of him on a daily basis, its on her stream daily around 8pm UK time. The scam is that she says she is poor as bricks but constantly got new xbox games and a lot of alcohol and super speed internet claimed they cut it off which they didn’t. It’s quiet common that people send her money out of compassion although there is no issue. I don’t know the right term for it it may be fraud or fake asides a scam act under false circumstance.”

Happy New Year, thank you

The husband

Not having any idea as to who this Shaz caster person even is or her husband. I felt it only right to point out that this statement is only one sided, we’ve never heard from this caster (Shaz) before.. further more there’s no proof of any wrong doing from this caster that I can see.

I would assume that this email would be …….FAIR WARNING…… to any and all future would be donors who would feel otherwise obligated to financially contribute to Shaz_UK. This may be the persons way of letting us know the possible truth. Thanks for the email and all the info used here.

You can decide where and how you spend your money. Good luck.

I’m wondering why she’s showing her goods on cam ? Strange on how I’ve seem to have come across this story before, different cast of characters though. I may be having a case of deja vu ?

Karen decided to make it her priority to ask for the internet community to financially support the Vaughns, this taking place due to a public announcement where Miss Scruffy laid claim to dumpster diving.

Karen’s tears of anguish and pain are ignored by everyone as it becomes apparent that Miss Scruffy has trolled Karen.

Karen’s stream is then removed, but she had all this to say.

Thanks to all for the screen grabs and screen shits.

Karen you got yourself into this with your drunken melodramatic whining , enjoy the rest of the evening now that you’ve had your stream key temporarily removed.

An email that was sent in, along with it was a gift in the form of a video.

“As we end one of the most perfect years of the century, I felt the need to thank you for making me endlessly giggle and chuckle”.

Thank you.

AnD YoU’Re wELcoMe.

πŸ”” ✨ πŸ”” ✨ πŸ”” ✨ πŸ”” ✨ πŸ”” ✨ πŸ”” ✨ πŸ”” ✨ πŸ””

Along with this wonderful video I decided to add a few odds and ends from past posts just to keep up with the holiday cheer….Enjoy.

And yes that is his mother , Terri.

🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁

Honestly, Adumb pedo and company keep spewing it out faster than I can blog on it.

Sent in a recent email…..

“This is too funny not to share…”
“I look like a young Leonardo DeCaprio”
“I spewed my morning grits on the keyboard, can’t make this shit up.”

I do believe this may be more appropriate. What do you think ?

Now consider this a 2 in 1 post as the online characters continue to entertain us even throughout the holidays. I call the second part….


      πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’©  πŸ’© 

And now her blog post with tears and hot wind.

When I saw the drama in the form of emails I nearly fainted, but then thought to myself…..Why can’t they just shut up even for a day or two, Christmas is but days away.

But alas stupid is what stupid does. Could you ever imagine actually befriending this group ?

It’s like a pandemic that refuses to flush away, who’s idea was it to give birth to this circus of clowns anyways ?

Thank you to everyone who submitted and contributed to this post.