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This post is in regards to Jessica recently calling Karen a cunt. I am guilty of being side tracked with other posts, I should have placed this up sooner so my apologies to Karen.

MontrealkarenNovember 23, 2020 4:10 pm 

First of all, I will respond in due time via email to the blog. Right now, I really want to respond to Jessica.

1) Did I ever say I was sweet?
2) Chatterbate? Why? You have an account there and would like me to go after you so you make money? Fuck that, do it on vaughn for free. Time and day girl, just give me the time and the day.
3) At least I try and hide the messy room.
4) Stop lurking in channels and come in and defend yourself.
5) Fat shaming now? A cunt is how you act. Fat cunt is just treating women like shit.
6) If you can’t say anonymous, don’t use the word.
7) Those must be your tits, mine don’t look so perky (see, be nice to other women)
8) You know you sound like me on the vids. At least I had alcohol behind it. You’re probably talking that way sober.
9) Only people that don’t have fake fiance can talk to be about ex-husband pls.
10) You’re now a pussy cunt cause you didn’t even bother to come in… you just lurk and wait for stardom you think is coming your way. So easy to respond to things when you’ve had time to prepare.
11) So the length of time “probably 15 years ago” is different that a few years ago? I did my time and they let me back. Stop trying to run all the fuckin websites.
12) By the way, the mere fact that you use Jesus in your name is actually turning people away from religion. Jesus would have banned your ass by now.

And there’s more……………………..

Today in Jessica’s coloring book for 1st graders, an apparent death threat was directed towards Jessica right in her chat.

But being the attention seeker we all know her to be she not only takes a screen grab of the person’s ip but her own ip as well.

Instead of BANNING this person permanently she ops for a 24 hour ban. Only further proving her need for attention and not being able to take control of something as simple as a chat room.

There are options on chatango for banning, let me show you Jessica… ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Have a nice day…. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

The link below with the sordid details straight from the horses mouth.

In the past I’ve been known to cover racism on social media as I don’t condone it myself. However in the last year I’v passed up numerous posts on the subject, only due to the volume of people who thrive on such toxic words and use it on a daily basis.

I’ve witnessed such racial comments in every chatroom, blog and social casting site I can think of. I’ve witnessed it spammed for hours in some cases. Most sit ideally by doing and saying nothing about it, so is this because we as a society have become too numb too afraid to speak up ?

If I can control the chat with non use of racial slurs in this blog then I wonder if others out there can do the same ?

Well one person decided to hand me several screen grabs of what has been allowed to take place.

I do feel it unfair to name only this particular caster and their mods when I’ve stated earlier on how I’ve witnessed just about EVERY chat room, blog and casting site allowing the exact same thing.

But this was sent in and thank you for it.

You have an awesome weekend as well <3

This is in regards to the Foxman/Glen interview that resulted in Glen being suspended from TWITCH for a brief time.

At the time of the suspension all we were given were minor one sided details of the interview, Foxman had used racial slurs and then a suspension that’s it….However NOW we have more information that has surfaced from Foxman as well from LoveLeigh. And for this I’m exceptionally happy, and my reason for this is the mere fact most folks seemed to forget that the most important yet unmentioned detail in all this were…LoveLeigh’s CHILDREN.

But that has changed, and now from LoveLeigh…..

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “I still check the blogs on a regular basis and normally I don’t say anything but this has gone too far. Sure talk about me I am cool with that… I mean I am old news but that is beside the point really. The fact that he brought up my kids for shock value is fucked and I have made Glenn aware that I am not amused!!! Oh well back to work… keep up the good work Monkeysniffer!!! “

2020/11/24 Monkeysniffer: “Hi LoveLeigh thanks for your comment, would you like me to make a post using your comment or leave it as is and drop it ?
It’s up to you, your call. “

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “Sure go ahead make a post I just want it clarified that Shawn did not touch my kids he did not even meet my kids. And Glen really needs to use his brain before he goes talking especially when it is concerning other people’s children talk about me all you want that is cool I am grown but do not bring my kids into the conversation especially in that manner.”

Thank you to LoveLeigh for your comments and in hopefully clearing this up once and for all.

My though

Glen you owe LoveLeigh an apology, your greasy image certainly speaks volumes of you. After all you associate with deviant and most foul individuals who themselves are regarded as registered sex offenders and those who support such acts. Your weak attempts at being both funny and relevant are in itself truly comedic and toxic, and who can forget the non existent content of your dead casts, so I find creating a false situation and using innocent children for shock value as being truly low.

For those of you not clear as to what previously took place you may wish to click the below links to catch up.

Just a friendly reminder to several non believers concerning our blog comment count.

Because I do know for a fact this really gets up their noses.

٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶

To treasure this heart warming moment I shall be personally handing out FREE salty belly button lint and yellow toe nail clippings.

Thank you all for your comments and support.