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Ohh la laaaaaa our sweet innocent voluptuous Alice has decided to give all you naughty freaks a treat tonight complete with a full moon and a hairy meow meow. Ohhh Alice she might put a spell on you, so beware this dark naughty vixen. 🎃

All credit to TopCat for the video. 🎃
And thank you to Bosco for the pumpkin pic. 🎃

It’s just come to my attention that there’s a certain horny desperate wannabe, copying and spamming the name of this BLOG and going as far as to use the word “MONKEY~ASYLUM” in it…Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal, but from what I gather this was not only meant to fool those of you into thinking we are connected or associated with that other place. Rest assured we are NOT associated, but it’s purpose is to gather Intel on any unsuspecting individual who may click on that link.

Big shout out to the Therapist and thank you for informing all of us.

They can copy all they want….Monkey see..monkey dooooooo.

Please just remember, THAT other whatever is NOT this blog or chat… BEWARE of FAKES.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH…I can’t stop laughing. Thank you Queen. Oh and thank you Jessica and Shawnio.

When I received the email on this I almost spit all over the place, hilarious.

The email read:

“Watch as Shawnio says its ok for people to post Sams info.. and Jessica goes along with it LOL “

And guess what ? … she does go along with it, no joke. Jessica willingly throws Sam under the bus for everyone to witness.

LOOK how Shawnio gets Jessica to go along with having Sam’s number DOXED, telling her if the number is in the phone book it’s ok.

But wait there’s more, Jessica even admits it was Babs who’s made those food calls to Sam’s home over the years…

And she AGREES…….Thank you Jessica.

HAHHAHAHAHAAHAH, Shawnio you said it and you’re right.

Hi SAM….kissy kissy… (=^。^=)

No idea how SAM is going to take this, but I think his sister should be notified.

Oh and btw, everyone is Monkeysniffer..Even YOU. ◉◡◉


“SAM needs help. He has gone crazy with his Amazon orders and does an unboxing a few times a week.” ….

“SAM needs our help. SAM has an addiction. SAM can not stop ordering from Amazon. First it was just a box of noodles here and there. Now SAM is convinced he will be trapped in his house in a tropical snowstorm, the heat will go out and he will have no food. So SAM now orders from Amazon at an alarming rate and he is doing unboxing videos on his YouTube channel every two days. His addiction is out of control and we (his family and friends) are trying to get him the help he needs. Won’t you give a little so we can get SAM to a medical expert? “

I believe SAM’s sister needs to be contacted for the safety of his anoos and his nipples should be suckled by a 400 pound trans gender named Martha. Thanks for sending this in.