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The public off and on again relationship between Whirlwind and Luna the tuna has once again risen up like a plugged up toilet but someone NEW is introduced.

And what is it this time you ask ?

Well Luna has become aware of a young woman by the name of Eugenia Cooney who is an extremely popular Youtuber and Twitch streamer with over 2 million subscribers.

I bet you can see where this is going ?

Anyways what makes Eugenia different are her health issues, primarily being anorexic along with other various complications that..well make her perhaps “controversial” ?

So along comes Luna leatherface who tries to latch on to Eugenia by leaving her a video….or two…All in the name of “doing good”. But as you can see it quickly goes from being about Eugenia to being more about Luna. $$$$$$$.

I’ve combined the 2 videos by cutting them up to shorten them, the idea is still there and that’s what makes Luna a true gem. She goes from trying to save a life to expecting all of Eugenia’s videos and content to be removed simply due to Eugenia not replying to her.

In other words the whole idea of this exercise was to gather views to help boost her limp numbers something like a weak blogger would do who steals content. Or perhaps tries to portray them self as being similar to another blog like a black and white cheap 2 cent copy cat, or by stealing another blogs name or banner…You follow ?

In the end please take Samoskey (Whirlwind) and Luna leatherface tuna and flush them both away it’s not like anyone really values their opinion. Two self absorbed hypocrites trying to portray themselves as something they’re not. Thank you to the person who sent this in to me.

She must have talked herself to sleep and became bored ?

It’s been years since I’ve done a silly post on Sonchild.

Wow look at that March 2017, long time and the best thing to come out of it is you sleeping. Oh well rest up.

A mish-mash from the passing week as the 3 biggest losers still haven’t a clue.

The 3 moronic ding dongs from another planet have gathered together and this is what you had to say about them this week. Thanks to those who sent anything in.

Oh and btw Jessica I love the Randall post on how you adore him and all that, but funny Randall wrote a song for me he didn’t write a song for you in fact he said this about you and your “weirdo pedophile friends“.

Randall: “When I seen Shawnio’s comment about being a pedophile in a conversation with Jessica I was shocked. That’s when I had to express my feelings towards child abusers and I meant what I said. As far as Adam goes, I have never liked the creepy fuck and I never will. I liked Jessica, I thought she was sweet. Now I realize her buddies are weirdo’s and I want nothing to do with her.…. “Love Ya Monkey” <3 “…

The MonkeySniffer song from Randall

No idea but seems people online have some secret desire to do strange with with my buttocks..I must be giving off some secret passionate kind of scent or something, but ass you know I’m not a naughty monkey..

I can tell you right now neither Jessica or Adumbs will have any clue as to what this even means. Clueless and completely stupid.
I think it’s great that Jessica finally realizes the only thing she can get right is showing her tits and nothing more. Yet still only 3 people are flocking to her wonder why ?

Was only a few months ago Jessica was crying the victim when those tit pics were circulating, she claimed it was “REVENGE PORN” ..However now as you can see she sings a different tune..Thank you for this Jessica. Once again your flip flop mentality speak volumes about you..So I would assume she now has no issues with those pic or and video flying up 24/7 ?

On Sept 20 at 11pm, Randal had this to say about Jessica and how he “adored” her….. Cough cough cough..Trust me when I say Jessica is a disease a ripe ol THING made from evil and vile parts

I purposely did NOT place the comment up as I felt it it wasn’t my responsibility to argue or inform anyone of Jessica and her pedo clique intentions…I simply don’t care if there are those out there who refuse to accept the facts or understand the simple truth. I blog on the facts handed to me and I stand by that.

But then……………..

On Sept 22nd a lil bird told me a certain person/caster/blogger had become upset with another person (Randall) for making some unsavory comments, possibly about pedophiles and such.

So I asked Randall what had taken place…He states.

At 9:07pm Shawnio ran right in shitting himself knowing full well what had happened and what would soon be revealed.

However earlier in the evening someone calling themself Noa gave me the screen grab as to what had taken place earlier that same day. But I already knew the story….

Now I’ve been informed when Randall made the comment about hanging a pedo, this may have infuriated Jessica to the point she unmodded him.

Note that Randall never mentioned anyone by name ?

And without thought intelligence or any moral values the disease known as Jessica continues to exhibit poor judgement as well as zero empathy for children or victims of sexual abuse. Wonder why ?

I find it interesting that being anti pedo/sex offender now a days gets you punished in the Jessica pedo land of lies and deceit. Long live the pedo queen Jessica Baldick. ♔