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I figured this is how we should end the weekend with more exposure. Saturday afternoon I received an email that read.

“So Jessica is telling people on ivlog today how Vaughn should be run….she thinks they should get involved in personal disputes, and unban all lol”

Lies with a fork tongue and claims innocence.

I knew eventually this would take place as we now have the evil horny Baldick venting her frustration over what Mark Vaughn refuse to do, and that’s get involved with personal disputes and STOP or BAN Faroe from expressing his FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

You may recall at some point during the week Mark Vaughn himself entered Faroe’s cast to state his position on TOS.. NOT being broken.

And let’s face it we all know this infuriated both Jessica and her sex offender friend to no end…FREEDOM OF SPEECH…right Jessica ?

Jessica and her 3 gimpy legion of losers were dealt a crushing blow after begging Mark to ban Faore and prevent the avalanche of truth from being blasted all over the internet.

Licking her wounds and feeling extra horny after being continuously smashed up along side her head, the evil Baldick retreats to Ivlog to spew her frustration at Mark Vaughn and his unbiased decision.

Here you have the whiny horny Baldick crying that the Vaughns should become involved in personal disputes. … Meaning: Help me Mark Vaughn and STOP Faroe from EXPOSING Adumb as a SEX OFFENDER..Please do something this is so humiliating for us and we’re begging you to make it stop….PLEASE.

Yeah I know LOL
So one minute we have the Baldick making demands the next she cries FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

She even whines as a copy cat name (Jessicaisawitch22) trolled tech corner…Oh gosh how horrific 911 make a report to the FBI.

And then she blames the entire country for it…NO JOKE LMAO.

This has now become LAW. August 29th 2020

So basically we have this idiot Jessica who feels some how entitled that wherever she goes that all must bow down before her and jump to whatever tune spews from her ass. She bellyaches all over the internet ordering folks with her demands and making reports on anything she feels upsets her. When not getting her way she then goes to another site crying and blubbering and the toxic cycle continues.

One more thing Jessica you single brain celled moron you do realize you’re complaining on the same site (Ivlog) that Adumb shit all over right ???


Thanks to everyone who sent in a screen grab used on this pot.

Recently I placed out an invitation to see if there were any casters or viewers who had an opinion on the online shenanigans of the Adumb..Jessica.. Faroe story., to send in a video.

Someone answered that call…..

All credit to Titan Uranus for this video.

When you try to be so blase with your well thought out plan and it only ends up blowing up in your face for the entire site to witness…EPIC I say lmao. Such humiliation.

And that’s what happened as the rapist was asked to remove an image he placed up, he quickly calls upon Faroe being a “baby bitch” only to have Miss Scruffy call him out and and correct him.

Call Adumb the cry baby or in his own words “baby bitch” as Miss Scruffy lets the sex offender rapists know he’s the one who actually made the reports not Faroe…..You can almost hear a pin drop all across Vaughn live as the sex offender went silent in disbelief…hahahahahahh.

You know this crushed Adumb like a cockroach don’t you lmao.

So Adam Paul Stuart Browne how does it feel to be a “baby bitch..cry baby” ?

So there you have it 268 to 29, I think it speaks volumes on how people feel about Adumb the sex offender rapist.

All credit to StumpyMcdugal from our chat…Great job.

When I got home and began to read the messages I had received along with the email and screen shot in it, I had to cover my mouth to prevent myself from laughing and spitting all over the place….Unbelievable lmao… Thank you to all for informing me along with the screen grab.


The NEWS FLASH hit the internet world like a bomb as horse head humpa lumpa broke the story late last night just before midnight.

With her crack bumbling team of forensic scientists and sex offenders on the case 24/7, the Baldick brings quality journalism out into the open like a pair of white breast that begged to be suckled on during a live cast on a social media site.


The MINERS in question are hard working individuals all over the world who value good quality entertainment. Faroe does indeed provide that entertainment.

So hats off to Faroe the singer of MINERS…SALUTE my friend…2+2=22


When all is said and done it literally means for roughly 16 hours your silly spelling error sat there with not a single soul to read or even care enough to correct you.

Why didn’t your legion of no bodies inform you ?

Why didn’t your groupie fans inform you ?

Why didn’t your 5 trillion pretend fans inform you ?

Why didn’t your two mods inform you ?

After all you are the queen are you not ?

The only two individuals to even take notice was one from this blog and the other being Ryan Hifi. Btw both of them have been laughing at you hysterically all day. Only further proof on how the internet community view you.

Please continue to worship me.

You can decide if Jessica actually doxes Adumb by her own words.

But her point and logic is simply this, that if Faroe can dox Adumb on Vaughn then it’s ok for Adumb or her (Jessica) to dox Faroe.

Which implies that Faroe has indeed doxed Adumb and the information is spot on in that CBC NEWS link…Bingo and thank you for clearing this up Jessica.

But that’s not all we have, we do have a variety of casters some from Ivlog and Vaughn with their opinions on the sex offender Adumb Paul Stuart Browne.

Oh and btw I photoshoped Jessica’s voice.

Enjoy the 2nd video as we have Adumb trying to worm his way out of everything under the sun, it’s hilarious as he goes from quoting LAWS and fear mongering to slamming Faroe as hard as he can. Adumb’s stupidity is epic in this video he’s clueless as to what he’s even saying. It’s as if he’s channeling Jessica’s low IQ in this video..Check it out.

The fact he slams “RETARDS” is especially funny to me because we all know Jessica hates the use of that word…I love this.

Last we have some results of the “Remove Adumb from Vaughn” poll.

Keep it up and thank you to all those for your videos.. screen grabs..positive comments and anything you have provided in keeping the truth alive and the information flowing.

PS…If any caster has any thing they would like to say on the matter record yourself and send it in.