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“Jessica having an actual thought is like most of us breaking wind…Some are long and noisy..some are short and squeaky, but none of them ever stay around for very long.” ….

MonkeySniffer: Proverbs 2+2= 22. Cuz you know I can’t make this up.

Not that Jessica becoming confused and begging for attention is a new thing but this post has a number of humorous twists along the way…Enjoy.

I’m so confused. (⊙﹏⊙)

It all began with a suspicious name that was possibly a copy cat troll name of Ryan’s (her mod)..This blew so much wind up her poop shoot and made her sexually frustrated to the point that Jessica had to have her way and vent her anger at this pretend impostor. So in classical bum rush style dear single brain celled Jessica blasted off another one of her goofy posts.

She paints out Ryan’s area next to the location, but Jessica that there is PUBLIC viewing and anyone can see it, there was no need to paint it out. Besides that can be easily changed…DUHHHHH. (¬_¬”)

Jessica: “Looks like a fake Ryan going around, Ryan please watch out for this as this is probably why I am getting confused with what’s being written there.”

She then mockingly blasts the entire chatroom for believing the “fake Ryan.” …But has already placed the fact the SHE is the one actually confused over this….I’m confused.

After hours of begging for more attention the queen of turds suddenly realized she had been suckered…AGAIN.

Huffing and puffing her anger she deletes the post and hopes no one notices her blunder.

Huh… I’m confused…Are you confused, no wait if I’m confused and you’re confused then what’s my name….JESSICA. (◑﹏◐)

Jessica: “I’m still confused”….”BINGO” says the monkey. ⊂◉‿◉つ

STOP being confused….Jessica: But I can’t help it”

Well maybe try pulling your head from your ASS ? (¬_¬”)

👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

Jessica and typos.

Only because you know I can’t make this up. It’s like a two in one post you see.

Now as you may recall Jessica changed her wording when she made another racial comment on her post from last week, but thanks to Ryan it was quickly changed.

When confronted in Ivlog about this, her reply was simply…“They were typos”

So in other words Jessica meant to say…

Stop swallowing all that chlorine and smoking all that weed that their ETHNICITY smokes to fit the in crowd” ?

Sure makes sense to me.

Thanks to everyone for the screen grabs on this post, I’m sure what’s her face is not only confused but suffering a sever catastrophic meltdown unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

I was informed Mark Vaughn had one of his casts where he discussed a number of topics. I can only assume the guest chat issue was at the top of the list.

The below screen grab was placed up back in June 2020.

There’s no way anyone can be sure, but to say the whole family was dumpster diving behind grocery stores for thanksgiving turkey dinner ???

I may come off as being cruel, but I have a hard time swallowing this turkey jive story.

Five or six years ago Mark claimed he was offered $10 million for breakers. You may recall this ?

If you don’t you may wish to read up on his public comments when I did a number of posts documenting his stories.

Thanks to Stumpy for the screen grabs.

I thought we’d give the single brain celled queen of turds the night off due to that fact she could accidentally create more racial typos for the entire internet to laugh at…In the mean time.

To bring guest chat back or not to bring guest chat back ?

That is the question.……………….

Is it possible Mark might be bringing back the whole guest chat thingy ?

Well he’s certainly gone to a lot of trouble to come up with this survey.

But thanks to BananaLover seems a few other details were brought up, like how a major ad vendor black listed the site.


Interesting to say the least but I did enjoy Karun’s and Faroe’s love chat, although it may have given me heartburn.

The ever sexy Captain Fernando Amor wishes the two love birds many masculine babies. And many nights of passion and desire.

And once again the potty mouth that needs flushing away has struck out and missed with another single brain celled post filled with comments like she’s filled with hot air, and it’s name is Jessica.

By the way if anyone should feel the need to urinate…Please don’t let me stop you….Go ahead an pee.

But Jessica if the taste in your mouth should become too rancid I’ve left a bag of these pink candies for you to suck on…ENJOY.


Seems the night was full of verbal nonsense as Ivlog once again played host to those enjoying idol chit chat.

But as luck would have it Jessica became slammed head on with people who could see her for what she truly is. One of those on Ivlog was Subbidoo who called Jessica a “retard”.

This didn’t sit well with the self proclaimed Ivlog queen of stupidity who then decided to answer with one of her paint by number posts.

I’m bewildered as to her meaning as she states “and he isn’t even one of my race”..

Does she imply Subbidoo isn’t human ..or the fact he’s non white that he isn’t allowed to call her “retarded” ??… Just for the record ALL RACES of those who live on the planet earth are part of the human RACE and therefore we are of the same RACE.

The humpa lumpa head from another planet then goes on the say


This is the tricky part, what you missed or didn’t see was the unedited version of the post. Meaning after Jessica was done with her post her friend/mod Ryan let her know that she had made a few….racial slurs within the post that needed to be cleaned up…So down below is the fist uncut version of the same very post….

“Smoking all that weed that their race smokes to fit the in crowd”

So as usual Jessica tries to mop up her mess only to fall flat on her face….again. After all you can’t make piss into wine nor can you sculpt a turd into a diamond.

Ohh dear dear sweet Jessica if you had the brain to fit your big mouth you do realize you’d be the Albert Einstein of our time ?

Btw Albert Einstein isn’t a cartoon character from Disney.

Thank you to those for the screen grabs.

Casting on Vaughn today were two very special individuals that deserve special attention.

There’s nothing more comforting and wonderful when two close friends enjoy each others company. Is it they have so much in common or perhaps they share a connected kindred spirit ?

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this serpent rears his ugly head.

I know this means absolutely nothing to marshmallow head Jessica, but then again what can I do ? I can’t turn a turd in to a gem.

That’s beyond the point…”Birds of a feather flock together”