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When I first looked over the screen grabs I laughed out loud then said to myself.. WAIT…did Cleary literally just admit to masturbating to a 70yr old man for $1,600, and admit to having an online relationship with him ?????


Can’t make this up. Let me explain.

Recently a few soft headed morons have been throwing around legal terms mixed with hot air in chatrooms and live casts. Their hope is to create fear or panic. It’s used by those who are bitter and frustrated with the online TRUTH smashing them in the face.

That very term is called “REVENGE PORN”.

On a recent post June 19th 2020, comments were made along with several screen grabs which read.

Irelandspatriot: u know the shit u done on me ben are laws about revenge porn you can get fucked if i choose so but im not a bitch like u posted my personal details and pics there are laws against revenge porn.

The text of the screen grab is very small, but you can download it to see for yourself, nothing has been altered.

Ben: @Irelandspatriot Revenge porn? I think not. The stuff I put out had and still is already published on another site. Don’t hear you crying much over that. You should learn when to keep your big mouth shut, it might do you good for once.

Irelandspatriot: it still falls under the category of revenge porn little buddy, otherwise scorned ex bf’s could say pictures x was published to me on snapchat etc their ex womans pics, you are a complete hypocrite.

Irelandspatriot: we can easily just say you published it yourself u posted the dox yourself

Irelandspatriot: and im not afraid of a fucking fag from belfast i would slap the fuck out of u if u came near my neck of the woods.

Irelandspatriot: dont fucking taunt me ill hit you a slap

The text of the screen grab is very small, but you can download it to see for yourself, nothing has been altered.


And here’s the problem when those same angry injured folk (Sean Cleary) try to use LEGAL terms such as REVENGE PORN in an argument they now offer self-admission to the very fact of it’s legitimacy and claim therefore…..


Think about it, to the normal thinking folks accused of such a thing, one would normally say ..Nope that’s not me..Or shut up that’s never happened.. ridiculous……Prove it ?

No…not Sean Cleary he jumps right in his own stupidity and calls out legal terms in hopes of proving a point all the while never actually thinking on what he’s going to get himself into….BRAVO..BRAVO Sean Cleary..BRAVO.

I’ve placed the link/posts to Irelandspatriot and his older lover for you to read up on down below. It’s one helluva naughty story…Enjoy.

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Revenge porn

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Revenge porn is the distribution of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their consent.[1] The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without their knowledge. The possession of the material may be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, to punish them for ending the relationship, or to silence them.

Another who has recently decided to claim “REVENGE PORN” has been Jessica our most beloved queen who has the charisma and IQ of a mushroom. Jessica we never had an online relationship, silly mushroom.

Sorry dear but I’m nothing more than a monkey that FREELY gave my broken withered twisted black heart away to another …. (´ᗣ`) If love is blind then I’m a dark tormented soul lost in the 666 hells of the abyss. I shall never return to the way I once was but to suffer an eternal damnation fit for one such as I…Farewell…burp snort…………….fart. ◔̯◔

Keep your filthy hands off me you damn dirty HUMAN…

For those who crave a mystical Helton fix, this may be what the sorcerer prescribed. Thank you for the videos.

I can’t recall how many times over the years Helton’s children have been taken away from him for various LEGAL reasons due to neglect and so forth. However once again CPS have intervened.

Sometime in early May I was made aware of his latest legal issues and was waiting on a video where Helton would comment. Down below his mother decided to say a few words directed towards the judge and here’s what was said.

The great sorcerer added his own 2 cents. So here he is the master of sorcery and demonic might..time traveler…blood line to royalty…jedi master and mystical wise man…and one helluva dirty vampire… The GREAT Von Helton

For a great and powerful sorcerer Helton continues to blame everyone for his marital problems and lousy situation in life, if only Helton could cast a spell to reverse time ?

Or take a bath ?

As some places around the world are slowly now lifting the ban from the covid19 virus. Shops.. beaches and parks are now becoming available to the general public. And some folks are going all out.

But first our dear innocent Jessica had to repaint her car. No idea how that odd light above her head appeared from no where.
Then is was off for some supplies.

Standing alone and waiting was Shawnio, so she brought him along as he locked up his bike for safe keeping.

Along the way she had to get some gas. Lucky for Jessica she doesn’t smoke.

But no worries Jessica had her own security system, now one one will ever steal her car keys again.

It was decided they’d go riding on the quad bike, so they strapped it to the back.

They found Darren trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his blog and life.

They stopped off at Jessica’s place for lunch before the long ride.
Once there she felt trapped and decided the floor needed to be done.

They changed their minds and felt there was much more interesting things to watch on Vaughn live.

And that was the weekend folks, be safe and wash your feet often.

I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. Seems to be Ben’s life story. Cry cry …fart fart.

paypal me $780 and he’s doing this on Ivlog ????

I’ve known paraplegics and blind folk who have more spirit and spine then Ben could ever muster. He’s so whinny and soft, something tells me toilet paper bruises his fragile lily white skin. God forbid a falling leaf ever land on him and crush him to pieces.

Ben always seeking sympathy

Do you recall the time he had several pairs of testicles lodged so deep in his throat that doctors had to removed them with an operation. Ben then decided he’d rather keep them in a glass jar for fond memories.

He sucked so hard he nearly blew his ass out.

I received an email with information concerning a well known online caster who’s turned out to be a registered sex offender..David Wayne Heimburger. You may know him as Hoodie from Ivlog or as Frontrow1000 of Vaughn live.

In the email it read.

He is known to harass young woman online. Travels with his job as he sells bait to fishermen and is seen in Nashville area also a few times a year. Many have removed him off their sites on Ivlog and VL. Most people in his area know his past, it is possible wife and/or family have no clue he is a sexual offender. He praises young girls and wants them naked

I know what some of you are thinking…It’s Warren Bucks…Trust me he’s not.

You may have to turn off your Ad Block to view the link

The NEWS article is from 2016, but he’s still a registered sex offender and may be your online friend at this very moment. Seems he may have gone into hiding as of several months ago, he goes by the name MasonJar666..on Facebook…

Thank you to the person who sent this info in.

Only goes to prove we have no clue as to who any one really is when it comes to those online and their secret past lives. There are those who claim that it’s possible to meet nice people online. With technology taking leaps and bounds years ahead of laws and common sense I would suggest practice being safe and sure. Protect yourselves.