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Today our most purest virginal holiest sweetheart decided to verbally flame-bait her favorite politician. She publicly roasted and ridiculed President Trump for being racist and demanding non censorship on any social media comments.

Irony and lies fly from Jessica’s mouth, like toxic gas from a donkeys bum.

She calls Trump RACIST, but we can only assume she suffers from amnesia. As she conveniently decided to forget her own racist past when she blamed her own brother for something she did. We haven’t forgotten.
But so do you Jessica and are you not the same person who is known for REPORTING everyone ? In fact rumor is that Ivlog admins had become frustrated and annoyed at your constant badgering with reports.

Check the LINK above and read it for yourself ,she admits to the racist comments.

“Jessica I have a place for you on my cabinet, and I know you’re going to vote for me honey” (◡‿◡✿)

Thank you for the screen grabs.

FBI called today and asked about you dear.

Every king needs a queen and that’s exactly what Karen offered Faroe today on VL..♚ ♛

The most erotic sexual female to ever be on Vaughn live has offered herself willingly to the mighty king Faroe…the epitome of masculinity. This is not the first time Karen has offered herself to the king…Click the LINK above to see the post.

Karen even goes to his channel and calls upon him. No mere man may attempt to love Karen and simply survive, her passion is simply too great.

But does he have the BALLS ?

Legends passed down from generations tell of a naughty woman who is a man eater a temptress of many sexual pleasures. Luckily for me I’m just a mere monkey who makes wonderful farts sounds out of my salty moist bellybutton.

Besides Faroe has beautiful curvey milky breasts that make everyone want to suckle from them. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

Take your woman and hold her forever you lucky god damn son of a bitch.


When Karen and Faroe finally meet and consummate their love, a thousand donkeys will scream as they become castrated….I just like saying weird shit don’t mind me.

Everyone’s favorite stupid fat bastard.. Faroe the self proclaimed …”KING” decided to make himself a public nuisance on DLive. (´ᗣ`)

He made account after account after account after account, only to be humiliated and banned. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

Bottom line…the “KING” was no longer wanted anymore. ◉︵◉ Why don’t you tell everyone about your i9 ?

Last count he was up to #9..And going strong, but for how long ?
I didn’t even get chance to finish the post.