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This rancid teary eyed toxic video was captured over the weekend, as the most handsome the most intelligent the most pathetic cry baby on the planet reached out to ANYONE that would listen to his cry cry story.

As if anyone actually cared about him, but hey he’s blog fodder and I needed to poop in someones mouth today. So you win Sean Cleary (IrelandsLivingJoke).

I find it interesting that this internet victim who boasts about his pretend online popularity now sits on a Twitch site with millions of users only to discuss his worthless life story to one stranger in a chat room. You poor thing, you shatter my heart to pieces.

What’s wrong Cleary can’t you find anyone to give you a 5 min skype call ? Well thanks to you we all know your mudder and your fudder have no time for you so why should anyone else. This may explain why you’re such an emotional wreck who relies on substance abuse, you have mommy and daddy issues. So you get off on trashing other families especially males in a fudder type position because you see that person as your own fudder.

Is this why every male (father) becomes a pedophile in your eyes ?

This is true poetic justice, and you’ve earned it. So drink up.

So Cleary have you stalked any children today ?

Screen grab any more images of new born babies ?

Or maybe you masturbated to 70yr old man for a new laptop ?

………..Or all of the above ?


Lips sweet as sugar, ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
how to touch them I linger. You spread your smooth legs so that he may finger.
Lips that enslave him with their grandeur, just to see them near I ponder. Your strong manly arms hold his naked body. As your strong fingers caress nipples like hardened glass. Together they break wind and gently float away like two lost snowflakes melting in each others ass.
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Thank you for the image.

As of several hours ago I received numerous emails involving a recent heated discussion, not only over this blog but some past posts detailing accurate historical facts on Sean Cleary (IrelandsPatriot) coke head/child stalker.

From what I understand this person who was on the call has recently become a father. He’s the one with IP/Sean Cleary on the skype call. I’m assuming perhaps they run in the same social circle, and this person has become aware of Cleary’s toxic past. They become involved in a heated debate when from out of no where Cleary decides to drop a picture of his spouse and new born baby.

The reason Sean Cleary uses the baby pic as a weapon is due to being frustrated and ousted in the worse possible manner…With TRUTH, and with FACTS from this blog.

From what the father told me he was on a skype call with his friends and decided to show off the new born baby, when Sean Cleary entered the call and quietly took a screen grab of the child, without permission.

As you can see Sean Cleary now irate over the informative FACTS being thrown in his face tries to defend his actions of using the baby pic by saying.

Try and defend yourself Cleary

No one here EVER tried to cover up the Chris While story in fact for those of you who recall I was the one who exposed it first. On June 20, 2017. With LINK.

And as far as the “Child stalker” post well here it is. LINKS and all.

Not only did he do COKE but here he is cutting the drug for resale just like a dealer would. Enjoy the LINK.

Once the almighty most handsome most intelligent one becomes sodomized with his own tragic life story, he gingerly tries to remove himself from the over whelming conversation. Too little too late.

He quickly realizes his past sexual escapades are now laughing in his face, and YES he masturbated for two lump sums of $800 a pop or squirt. For a 70yr old man.

Another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into Cleary, with DUMB unproven comments all over the place and using a man’s new born baby pic against him it’s no wonder no ones beaten the shit out of you..YET.

As always you try and use children in some sexual incest perverted image that you create in your mind. You place your HATE before FACTS.

Your sordid history file with online harassment of families is becoming thicker and thicker by the year, only a matter of time before something is done about you.

You have NO PROOF of anything you say, you never do.

Thank you to the person who sent in the above images used on the post.

Ivlog crumbles

At some point during the evening the casting site known as Ivlog became Crashvlog as it crumbled to pieces and stayed that way for hours.

The members of the site had this to say on the Facebook community page.

Even Glen decided to jump ship as his casting bug was too itchy for him to handle. However he failed over at Vaughn and decided he was better off crank calling some NY hookers and asking their opinions on favorite pizza toppings.

Thanks to everyone for the screen grabs and messages.

On a recent VL cast the dysfunctional special people began to discuss a thing called “politics”… Among one of the topics discussed was the recent ban on non-essential items.

True… in certain parts of the US this has taken place…..However read the content below as the special low iq types TRY to understand this decision.

According to the almighty source of information.. Jessica.. It was the TROLLS who have forced the American government to act by removing non essential items from shelves. The TROLLS contribute to stores taking such measures. Those DAMN TROLLS WONT LISTEN.. she says.

And of course it was your brother saying all of this the whole time I’m sure ?

Please enjoy the racial Asian comments from Jessica herself. So Christian like.

But did you dig the part where Adumb has no idea as to what a non essential item even is…HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHA. The quintessential moron who can’t help himself but be an idiot.

I don’t make this shit up… It naturally flows out of their mouths like liquid squirts.

Thanks to all for the screen grabs on the post.

I’m still awaiting on the “INVESTIGATION”