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An evening of ruined lives and crash and burn victims. So what’s new ?

Sexy Chris While the sex offender from the UK, recently tried his luck on Vaughn again only to be banned within minutes. I’m unsure if he was celebrating some holiday or perhaps a birthday, as you can see the balloons floating near his head.

Look on the bright side now the UKmuffins Darren Lee Sayward can finally make a post not only is their #1 dick boy back but so is their only source of content. More dick pics for Darren, and try and keep your hands off of Angel…BARK BARK. 🐢 

One final note to Chris While…..I would suggest floating over to Ivlog and making another account there. You see the site owner hasn’t any issues with folks in your LEGAL predicament or controversial back ground. In fact a word of advice …Don’t make any reports on other casters, for some unforeseen reason the site owners very sensitive high morale compass goes through the roof…Enjoy.

Another precious Vaughn/Ivlog caster has found herself in LEGAL hot water recently.

The sexy sultry and always vulgar out spoken caster, Paradice has recently been charged by her own husband (Bruce).

Every man’s online fantasy has now become a reality as the lovely demure beer drinking princess has her mug shot splashed all over the internet.

Now I know what you’re going to say………

That isn’t Paradice because there’s no online LINKS to verify or confirm the arrest….Well not exactly you see…..

You’ll find several black and white mug shot images like this in the image portion of GOOGLE.

All one has to do is a GOOGLE and type Angie M Myers of Bryan Ohio and you get this image…..CLICK that image.

It takes you here to his image, now you can’t CLICK on the LINK itself due to location restrictions and what not.

So there you have it perhaps if Angie had not gone off in a drunken rant during her cast and blabbed about her legal personal issues, this may not have happened. You can decide if it’s her, I’m leaning towards it being her .

One more reason to not drink and cast.

Thank you to the person who sent in the email.

With all this NEWS concerning viruses and dos and don’ts it only makes sense that a handful of caster have suddenly developed a PhD in virology and science. Giving FREE online advice in spite of being as dumb as flea turds, somehow these casters actually believe their own hype.

Several such casters come to mind but recently I found this, a MIRACLE.

A miracle or is it snake oil in a jar ? Rub some oil on your anus and you’re good to go.

Everyone has a solution or a quick fix. Everyone’s a know it all.
Now I cannot confirm or deny if it works, but then again this is all tongue and cheek….If you catch my drift. So approach with caution. ☒ ☣
☒ ☣ BEWARE ☒ ☣

Talking about wrapping some flag around my head….and to clarify i never had an std, because i was tested and had the std shot to prevent any….and i am also not stupid because i am on some form of control so fool, keep talking….i will end my post with this” ☒ ☣

Most people know when enough is enough, others on the other hand simply can’t stop. It’s in their JEANS wink wink.

STD’s and crabs come to mind. Care for a bite ?

Let me introduce Dr Lester Mordock.… Rules to follow:

1) No self experimentation. While producing less satisfactory observations, all human experimentation should be conducted on others. A level of self control must be maintained. Less haste, and you would avoid the disaster faced by Dr Jekyll.

2) Never carry out research in the name of humanity- this way always leads to escaped genetically modified monsters or viruses that wipe out the very humanity you were trying to save.

Sound advice for any survivor of the apocalypse.

Dr Lester Mordock may have the solution for the crabs.

Dear Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are. Grant me self control, and wisdom to know that if I act upon my impulses, I will go to jail….Amen

As more and more folks are being urged to stay home a few out there have decided to get back to casting.

Thanks BanannaLover

After weeks of being hidden away the incomparable JackieLee keeper of knowledge and all things informative, has returned. But I found out that Jackie has been back for the last two weeks. Did anyone notice ?

Don’t worry Jackie no one will find you on SmashCast βœΏβ—• β€Ώ β—•βœΏ

With only two viewers and a grand total of sixty so far, it’s going to be a long and lonely cast for the lovely diva. β™₯(Λ†βŒ£Λ†Τ…)

Another one of our favorite casters, perhaps you may remember him ? Hipperz, the soulful searching and ever loving man of god. The Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and part time nudist has finally returned to Ivlog.

After a brief BAN for threatening to KILL Ben, he returns only to cast to a legion of one..Himself.. It’s so refreshing to see a caster sit there for hours only to entertain himself with incoherent sentences that lead to no where except with the occasional “I LOVE YOU”...and the always popular “DIE DIE DIE”

A true visionary and social entertainer. He’s like watching paint dry on a wall, but in a good way. β”Œβˆ©β”(>_<)β”Œβˆ©β”

And of course who could forget the lovable Mae ?

The anus that squirted out her love and wonderful intoxicating nature has once again decided to cast on Ivlog. Lets hope Mae isn’t’ feeling so puckered and anal this time around.

The screen grabs say it all, and thank you for them.

Ben replies.

I do hope these two passionate love birds can work out their differences and one day meet for a love encounter of epic proportions. If they do I hope they send in any videos or pic. Oh and one more thing try and keep it clean, thanks.

But Bens been a busy one as of late, it recently came to my attention that he may have rustled Hipperzz feathers to the point Hipz wished DEATH upon Ben resulting in his BAN from SquirtVlog.

More from the angelic goofy one as she fiercely bares her fists with empty threats and toilet water. Perhaps you should look into your own yard Inspector Jessica, after all the company you’ve kept writes volumes of your credibility and honesty.

Btw, who followed you to the library and why did you pretend to be your own boy friend ?………..Wink wink, care to explain ??

Please god turn her into a flea fart and have a strong gust of wind take her away. Amen.

So tell me WHAT am I being “investigated” for ? I’ve committed no crime, I’ve not contacted anyone on these posts. All I’ve done is place up what others spew out and expose them for what they’ve done or call them out on their lies. Is that a crime ?

Perhaps if Mr Wiggles kept to himself none of this would be happening ?

I know for a fact as do you, that you’ve sent me enough dirt on your casting friends in the past. So I hope you haven’t forgotten my email ?

However since I’m being “investigated” please have the officer email me.. @