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On a recent post from Jessica she had this to say.

Good thing I’m not with Scuttle butts corner lmao. But seriously Jessica since you’ve made a post on your blog does this mean you’re “HARASSING” me as well ?

But Jessica I’m confused you want us to “HEAD your WARNING” ? Thanks for the heads up anyways.

This reminds me of the time your lawyer contacted me 3 yrs ago and informed me I had 48 hours to remove your tit video or face LEGAL repercussions. Then you signed it Jessica Baldick. Funny how you and your lawyer share the same name. OOoops did somebody DOX them self ?

Anywho what we do have is a cryptic warning from Sam during his latest cast. Remember this is coming from an idiot who names his penis “Mr Wiggles”.

In a bizarre video filled with confusing comments, one gets the feeling of a possible threat being directed towards Michelle.

At one point I thought he may be channeling Jessica herself. It’s eerie. Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

He speaks in tongues rambling about certain SOMEBODIES and not giving a shit, but then contradicts himself with“TAKE IT THE FUCK DOWN….NOT THAT I CARE.” He seems confused and non coherent.

And what did Michelle have to say about this ?

My thoughts…

As we all know in the past Sam has made certain threats involving 3 friends that were watching the blog and THEY claimed were going to take LEGAL action, however that was over a year ago. You may recall Jessica and her LEGAL threats concerning the FBI knocking on my door ?

The LINK to that post is right there.

Jessica I’m still waiting for the FBI..the police the CIA the RCMP ..the KFC and the Popeye Police. In fact I feel a lil hungry.

❤ ❤ I’ll be here waiting ❤ ❤

Why is it every time I’m handed a post on Mae she seems to be spreading some part of her anatomy ?

Is she releasing the after affects of a spicy meal that made her feel bloated and sluggish ?

Perhaps this is her way of welcoming viewers to her cast ?

Perhaps she’s practicing for a future visit to the dentist or attempting to hail a cab ?

Either way it’s not the first time Mae has decided to flash her garden on cam.

You MAE wish to click on the above LINK, something Mae was responsible for last Nov 2018.

You know seeing Mae in this bend over pose reminds me of the time that….Ohh that was another story on another blog, something long ago. And yes thank you for the screen grab.


Odd how things tend to snow ball and eventually expose themselves. And that’s exactly what we have here as some of you may have brought some new light to this magical garden called Mae. Thank you to all for the NEW screen grabs.

From what I gather Mae was very busy last night with a strip show. As her unsuspecting husband was in the other room.
And Mae is banned…Mae her garden flourish and be brighter.

Seems what we have here is a typical case of when the cats away the mice shall play scenario. Something I’m sure a few of you can relate to as one disgruntled spouse has become unhappy in the relationship and takes it upon them self to live vicariously through the internet to fill in that void.

So a wise word of caution to any male suitors looking to capture Mae’s wandering heart. Just remember this if she plays with men online behind her husbands back, just imagine what she would do behind YOUR back ?

Sam and wet dreams

All credit to Michelle for handing this lil gem over to me.

So with that being said I decided to work a lil of my own monkey magic…..Enjoy.

Sam what in the world were you thinking when you decided to send out videos of yourself in the shower ????

Click the above link, it’s not the first time Sams been caught with his pants down. And thank you to those who have sent in any of the other images used on this post.

I received two emails from two different sources during the week with attached screen grabs, one had this to say.

I reported UFC with screenshots from vaughn and ivlog. I got lots of emails from them forwarding to this department and that department, but here’s my final email with them:

What I find ironic is this seems to be a touchy subject for some and I can’t figure out why. Last post on this topic seemed to kick up a dust storm of tension. And a lot of you witnessed it.

Personally I find it amusing and nothing more than good ol fashioned blog fodder, but to a few it seems perhaps a more personal matter ?

Lets see…..And thank you for the emails.

An assortment of all sorts of nonsense, some may be recent some I have no clue. Thanks to those for the images.

Jackie Lee is still missing and presumed to no longer exist. May have to do with being Doxed ?
Vaughn live had some naughty porn playing early this morning, and Merman had only 1 thing on his mind and it wasn’t cats.
“Hey those who didn’t know the carnivorous virus can live in your stool as well, so people think breathing the air is dangerous try sharing a bathroom with someone who does not flush ”

Am I over analyzing or is Jessica letting us know that certain family members of her household do not flush or is this some form of admittance of guilt ???

I personally enjoy soft padding to my stool, makes my delicate bum feel safe.
I cannot confirm or deny but it was explained to me that this may be Marauder and a male companion, perhaps a family member who followed her home ?
From what I was told when Freethrow isn’t sending out his willy pic he does part time modeling in his bathroom. However recently he’s decided to come out and share his personal experience with a public announcement, that this is the new Freethrow complete with sex change and a brand new mangina….Congratulations on the penis removal.

Personally I’ve never seen him look better. He needs to sign up with a model agency.

Faroe admits to ddosing Ivlog

A recent Thursday night Faroe rant had him going off for several hours, as he was fuming over the fact one of his DLive gaming friends removed him from the Fortnight group and the other refused to play with him. Someone should play with him.