Monthly Archives: January 2020

The pain in my heart is too much, and as I type this post with tears rolling down my eyes I can only hope that the greatest caster the world has ever known shall one day return to us. All credit to Blubber Whale for this latest Faroe info.

Please lord as I go through my day as your humble servant, let Faroe find his big online tits and may he finally say something that actually makes sense by removing that dildo from his watery dripping mouth….Amen

Faroe living it up on Dlive as he became the new king over the weekend. A number of folks decided to join him after the King terminated his account several times over. His new shtick of late is whining how sad he is and how his depression turn him into the “Evil Faroe”…No joke.

He deactivates his channel several times over in hopes of getting views, something a child would do. But seriously do you have big tits ??? ( O ) ( 0 )

Dated Thursday, December 19, 2019 6:34 PM, this individual reported Ivlog to the NBA Fan Relations as a copyright violation.

They received a reply, and has now taken the time to email me with the actual email they sent in.

So with keeping this post short and sweet, some one is watching Ivlog for such violations and some one may eventually be site banned. And thank you for the email and info used on this post.

Either way…I’m going to have me a cup of coffee and do my nails. Call me on skype later I’d like to show you my new monkey tatt.

A two in one Vaughn cast/post, featuring Jim and BK. Two runaway lovers from Ivlog. We know Jim was banned from Ivlog, but why is BK here ?

Upon BK’s triumphant return he has a lot say, unfortunately for him he’s buggered up his audio.

From what I gathered he was casting all day like this….Jeeeeeeezzzzuzz. However he was kind enough to type out that he plans on destroying Ivlog and anyone who crosses his path. Fart…burp..snort.

Jim on the other hand was reminiscing on his youthful adventuring days, complete with dragons, fighting and Middle Earth.

Oppsss wrong Jim...I keep forgeting.