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Let’s face it we all knew Adumb would run over to VL an have one of his watery ever so dreary dumb casts, but what made this cast somewhat interesting was something as simple as a link.

A link that had absolutely NOTHING to do with him.

Not just any link but it would appear the very link Adumb fears more than anything, you guessed it the CBC news link.

This link is the very link you may recall MrMeathead was forced to remove by Ivlog staff for “DOXING with PERSONAL INFORMATION” and had BoscoMoney another caster ip banned from Ivlog for placing up the same link.

But it’s not Adumb, so why bother ? We all know it’s not him.

And of course NOT the same Adam Paul Stuart Browne in THAT link, but another with the exact same four names. Who just happens to live in Burlington Ontario Canada..DUUUHHHHH. Can you say SEX OFFENDER ?

But it’s another Adumb, so why become upset over this ?

He and his motley mutant misfit of supporters repeatedly ban anyone who dare place the CBC news link in his chat, but why ?

After all it isn’t HIM. So why bother with it ?

Marcus2000 not having a clue as to the proceedings decides to give his two cents on the matter by giving technical advice to prevent the CBC news link by being placed in the very chat….

But it isn’t Adumb, don’t you know ? So why bother to prevent the link from being displayed ? The other Adumb is a black man…. WAIT a minute.

Even the rich and famous bow down to the truth…eventually.

Do I sense some IRONY here, for those understanding what the above image portrays. How odd for someone to place so much effort in removing a news link when he claims it’s not him.

Thx to all for any screen grabs used on this post.

Not clear of all the details but sources say the self admitted sex offender may have used the Ivlog reporting system one too many times resulting in his own ban. No idea as to the length of the ban. So thank you for the email.

Rumors suggest a pedo posse may have a night vigil in support of the self admitted rapist. Word is some of the pedo posse members attending would be an obese greasy clown and some slow witted fungus queen who actually believes 2+2= 22.

Keep your eyes open for his future casts on VL as he whines and bitches for hours over this recent ban. Now excuse me as I spend the rest of the evening in my grand ma’s undies.

I need to cast on Ivlog and make some rice. But this mountain is holding me back.

It’s a 2 part post, we have Moonbooze preparing a meal that somehow ended up on the kitchen floor. He scoops it up and decides to use it. Thanks to those for the videos used on the post. And YES I am a monkey.

Friday floor meal, fit for an Ivlog caster.

Then the drunk chef uses the same rice off the floor for Saturdays meal.

May I please have more rice off the floor ?

Then a few bong hits.

And Moonbooze goes night night.

Sleep now and dream of rice fairies dancing in your head.
When the guy who thinks he can fight you loses to gravity in a big way.

This week was the big “ask me anything” fiasco as Cr3am the emasculated site owner pretty much fluffed his way through a private cast.

I use the word fluff, for the stage of bullshit was set to no guests. Possibly the Cr3am may have been concerned with the weeks recent NEWS of one of Ivlog’s casters being caught admitting to being the CBC news link sex offender. However no one questioned the obvious elephant in the room.

As Adam Paul Stuart the self admitted sex offender whines about a donation button, one can only ponder and ask…Wait I thought he claimed to be working ? Why does someone who work require donations ?

So in keeping with this blogs tradition, I’ve decided as usual to go it alone and ask the obvious question….

To the Cr3am (Steve Jones), I’m wondering why as a….and I use the term incredibly loosely, man would allow someone like Adam Paul Stuart Browne on to your site ? He as a self admitted sex offender, I would think you would do the morally correct thing and remove said individual (sex offender) from your site. To be honest we both know a large majority of your viewers feel disgust and shame at being in his vicinity, even though it be via the internet. Claiming to be running a business and yet to allow this type of individual not only tarnishes your site but your credibility as a man for ever.

Or should I be sending this to Jessica ???….Hmmm you never know. I’m unsure which simple minded queen I should be sending this to.

And the walls of the pedo kingdom began to cry and crumble, as the Queen sat merrily and laughed….LOL

Yeah… LOL

It’s like something from the bible as Nero watched Rome burn to the ground and played his fiddle.

What did Nero do while Rome burned? According to a well-known expression, Rome’s emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned.” The expression has a double meaning: Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis”

Some people are ineffectual as human beings their actions tell us this. I do get the impression Faroe may have defecated somewhere along the way and Jessica decided to use his feces for her brain.

However the last thing I wanted to write was another Jessica post, but the recent screen shot below was taken today from Jessica herself, no reason why, but the queen decided to DOX her entire chat including herself. Brilliant move Jessica. I do believe after this screen grab was taken she quickly removed the comments and tried to cover up her mistake, too late.

It not only CONFIRMS all of my past posts and comments concerning Ryan’s ip coming from Windsor Ontario Canada, but it ties him to past posts on certain taboo comments concerning children. It now brings up many more questions.

Why did she DOX not only him but the entire chat including herself ?

You may recall Ryan slamming Jessica in the comments of a post I recently did, where he basically refers to her as being unstable.

Furious at the post Jessica was quick to let Ryan know of her intentions and frustration with him. She points out…HE is as washed up as SHE is…Face the music…I’m not the only one who is disliked guess what look in the mirror.

But he’s still a mod in her chat………….And then there’s this.

The screen grab below is in reference to Keith, a banned caster of Ivlog who Jessica claims threatened to travel to her home and sexually assault her. Not only did she report him to Ivlog but she claims she contacted the authorities, he also sits in her chat as a mod…How odd.

This is Keith btw…her rapist mod.
Oh yeah I almost forgot…LOL

I’d like to thank all of those for the screen grabs used on this post.