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And thank you to everyone who sent something in.

Keeping with the season and Halloween.

I was told this took place last night and was emailed the video with the words………..“Ummm I am Speechless”

All credit to the person who sent it in. Thank you.

It’s a classic scenario of the Baldick calling the Samosky black, kniw kniw. Flicks snot balls in to your face from across the room like a monkey sniper.

Today on Moonbooze’s Ivlog cast we had our beloved truthful angel/Queen of Ivlog become rather upset with another as an individual decided to post an image I had created on the bottom of the pro cams.

This is the original version

This infuriated the most angelic one to the core of her pious soul, so with holy retribution she decided to cast down the hammer of god for all to see.


After much persuasion and calming on the part of Moonbooze, the holy Queen of Ivlog settles her explosive demeanor claiming she did not make the report after all. Fingers bum and sips coffee…slurp burp.

But wait for I am not done so remove that dildo from your anus and let me explain.

It was several days ago in JackLee’s cast where Jessica decided to use the exact link that had the Jim/Jess image on it. This resulted in Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind to not only remove the link but to warn Jessica to never use it again.

Ohh la laaaaaaaa sexy time <3
Oh no a “HATE BLOG” oh noooooooooooooooooo

But the Dolly Parton of Vaughn live was not done, he then barks.

Jessica’s response……………………

And why does Eric Samosky calls this the “HATE BLOG” ????

Well in the past not only have we doxed Eric Samosky successfully, but there are those that uncovered his CRIMINAL records as well. Remember this is the scum bag that supported Warren Bucks after he punched his mother repeatedly during a Vaughn cast.

It’s like smashing 3 birds with one stone, or exposing 3 holy devoted christian with one post. Can’t make this up.

I encourage you to download the charges and keep them for you own files. Oh and btw JackieLee enjoy your mod hahahahahahahah.

So from those of us here at the “HATE BLOG” to you.

Go cry me a river from what YOU’VE created. Just don’t blame me.


Jessica states no report was made, Thank you Jessica for this update

Provocative and hypocritical do not begin to size up JessicaloveJesus in her most holy true form, I could think of several dozen other words and none of them would be flattering. But our lovely angelic flutterbly has taken some serious lumps as of late and from what I gather whether it be a chat room blog or site most would agree Jessica has not lived up to her virtuous name or standards.

So was the case in JakieLee’s show today as the casting transgender goddess of the webs unmodded the graceful yet voluptuous Jessica.
I have no clue as to why this divorce was finalized or when, but my soul ached to see our truthful angelic one in such need of a hug. Fart.

It was noticed that the most knowledgeable Whirlwind had much to say on Jessica and her blasphemies ways. As the strong and highly masculine 400 pound oozing alpha male was extremely vocal. Whirlwind has always been a sight to behold his dominating strong physical presence and voice of reason have swayed many a females to his strong gentle arms.

Now be honest wouldn’t you suck those manly tits for a buck ? Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

Word through the grape vine is that her on and off internet affair love with Jim the psychic secret FBI special ops guy has been rather difficult. So from what I’ve been told she plans to make Jim her halloween costume. I love it.

Jessica gets roasted, last word goes to …….ouchy

Maybe attention isn’t cracked up as you think it is ? Thank you for the screen grabs and video used on this post.

It began like any other toxic cast with Adumb Browne the dim witted man child sitting like some vulture spewing his bile, filth and lies. This time it wasn’t to last very long as some of you had enough and decided to FLAG his cast.

He clearly has total disregard for the rules and proves it by publicly exposing the image on his cast when he clearly can see what it reads. Or does he even care.

And WHY was his toxic cast FLAGGED you ask ?…Simple, Adumb Rapist Browne verbally bashed several casters and went even so low as to mention other casters children. He was quick to point out how he felt others should manage their responsibilities as proper parents. Hilarious how one can give such parental advice when he himself has no children of his own, yet will spend the next 20 years living on a sex registry list in Canada. Aren’t you such a simple minded rapist.

Hey moron perhaps you should spend more time making out with your mother on casts and less time giving out parenting advice.

I find you guilty of being a creepy conceded idiot of the highest disorder.

However I do find it amusing that your only supporter is a self proclaimed Queen who shares the same dysfunctional brain cell you have.

As usual we let the moron bury himself as he goes on about hot “GIRLS”
Why did he claim he was 31 in 2010 ?

Still awaiting for your police friends to DOX me criminally charge me and destroy this blog with your legal threats, or perhaps you’re too busy kissing your mother ?