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No idea as to when all this cell phone sex took place, but credit to Topcat for the post.

TopCat–  “2 blondes ( krissy) gets horny on cell phone” 

Perhaps don’t allow this woman a cell phone ?

Is shy

It’s been days since the Ivlog guest removal chat has taken place, how much more anal thumping can the site endure ?


The word on the street is that a naughty caster has spread her naughty pics and legs and is now paying the price with non stop trolling. This maybe the reason Ivlog is on lock down for this long. In my own defense I have witnessed the sin in full color and ….I’ll be ordering extra anchovies on my very next pizza…. ¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>

And then without warning or reason the fish eyed hobbit’s LIPS came to mind…Don’t ask.

But I was wondering has anyone seen this fella around, does he cast anymore ??

From what I’ve heard he had a falling out with the biblical self righteous absorbed people after being called out for a number of naughty incidents ?

Any updates on the topics are welcomed.


Late this evening, sometime during the time I placed this post up Ivlog finally placed the guest chat back on…For how long ???

Try again soon………..

From what had become the weekly occurrence is now a regular joke. Has someone discovered Ivlog’s weak spot ?

χιλιάδες φάλαινες σκατά στο πάτωμά σας

Due to this story growing in mass, I’ve decided to archive to a new category. I’m calling it…….

You can find it under the chat scroll down and click it for stories related.

I felt it was necessary to give Moose his say due to the fact he made a comment on the post with a video of his family asking him to stop drinking. Something I recently placed up.

“I am quite mortified at what I saw. I’ve never seen myself in that state. I want yo to know I had help was doing good. Almost 5 months .then I just lost it. I couldn’t cope with shit at the moment.pleased to say the next morning I made a phone call . Went back to the hospital. Plz don’t judge harshly its not been a easy go. Shitty childhood. Single parent. I tried to stay strong. but I’ve fallen a few times. I’ve always picked myself up. i don’t pretend to be the nicest guy. I speak my mind. It just gets a lil outta hand when booze and pills enter the picture. Anyway thx for the wake up..I am sorry. All I do is try and have fun”

The post and all comments can be found here on this LINK…

We can only hope that maybe Moose and others see this as a wake up call for a better positive change. Or someone out there has helpful feedback they would care to extend to Moose.