Monthly Archives: July 2019

From what I’ve heard in the last 24 hours a certain person has allegedly claimed to have taken a cyber poop on Ivlog..with a DDoS attack.

I cannot deny or confirm the allegations however Ivlog did seem to stall last night, so this may confirm some form of …something ?

So if any of this be true…Cr3am may have to run back to Younow and beg pedophiles and children to pay for his costs ?

From what I gather he said…she said…and now someone is really upset and may seek legal retribution due to this cyber attack….To be continued.

As some of you may have already noticed Vaughn has a green colorful banner splashed across all of it’s channels. No matter what channel you may enter this green plea for financial help is what you’ll see.

$10 million and you refused it ?

So I suppose you’re going to say “Hey I could really use that $10 million right about now”…How about it Mark ?

And that is exactly what people did. Your words Mark
So enjoy the fruits of your labor.

However there’s more….

So the catch is if you make the purchase for the VIP Gold you are then placed on a better more reliable server one that doesn’t keep dropping the site. You know that annoying swirl you keep seeing every few minutes as you watch your favorite caster buffering.

I do recall the days when you had a sea of casters on your site,the numbers were full and bountiful. I bet you never really thought you’d be so close to enjoying your last supper ? You had it real good from what I remember.

Of course you are…

I’d like to thank those that informed me of this current news.

As promised a friend sent us in some Faroe videos. And thank you for them.

Now I bet when you woke up this morning the first thing that popped into your head was if Faroe masturbates. I’m sure many people have questioned this for years, how many of you have lost sleepless nights tossing and turning in your beds with this very thought ? Does the KING masturbate ?

We may now have that answer to that question and finally quench the thirst of his mouth watering legions of big breasted womens.

“Yes I masturbate…I do” Announces the KING

As usual he’s gracious enough to announce his soon to be royal crowning of both Vaughn and CamUp…ALL HAIL THE KING.

Thank you for the comb over, it’s marvelous. And thanks for the pic. I’m sure we can find a place for that crown to sit.

I can’t make this shit up, and why even try when it falls on our laps every single day. Btw whatever medication Faroe may be on lets hope the rest of society gets a whiff of it soon, because it must be nice living all alone on Faroe’s island of one.

Thank you for the gif. You know who.

Starting off the day and continuing downhill as usual is the ex KING of Ivlog, but this time he’s on CamUp’s feature.

Like a bloated mosquito he just keep coming back for more blood as if he’s hypnotized by the flame otherwise known as casting.

As he babbles and boasts of his greatness he continues casting on Vaughn banning all who oppose his authoritative might, the one trick pony never seems to give up. It’s like watching the bearded lady at the carnival, you just stare in amazement and wonder.

And here’s the bearded lady, some things are just too…….I have no words. Thank you to the person who sent all the pics in.

I know there will be more to arrive in the form of videos, I’ve been informed.