Monthly Archives: June 2019

My plan was to post on the flip flop Ivlog casters of June, however this just landed on my lap and I find it too desirously hysterical to pass up.

It all began with some simple chat comments from both Hameater and Typicalhater in regards to the latest Frank Taylor post.

As you can see I dropped a few silly images at the end simply for affect and fun. Within 5 or so minutes Shawnio swooped in and left a comment on the post.


BUT WAIT…HOLD ON…….Did Shawnio just call Ned a PEDOPHILE the same man who he not only wrote a song about but begged him to sleep with him
lmao…..Click the video below and witness it for yourself at 50 seconds of the vid. Imagine this was the brains behind the UKmuppets blog and their greatest downfall, is it any wonder why that blog dried out of content and died after all who could take them serious ?


We know hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaah
We know hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Waits for “HELL”……..To be continued.
Did “HELL” arrive yet or was I sleeping ?

Waits for Shawnio’s angry comments lol…..Ohhh one last thing Shawnio why are you no longer allowed to cast on Vaughn did you run all out of peanut butter ????

It’s the weekend and Frank has left for his road trip, however donations were super slim this year…$$$$$. Those darn cash cows must be dry.

The caster with the dirtiest feet has himself a hardy breakfast with his hands….It’s one of those vids you have to appreciate the humor in it. For those of you who know of Frank and his appetite, he’s always eating.

I cannot deny or confirm this casters name but the word on Ivlog is “Pseudointelligence” and I’ll leave it at that…However this majestic caster has been categorized as being a clone or copy cat Realmanpawns.

From part time masturbator to full time clutz

Thank you for the video.