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Something for fun and laughs at the “KINGS” expense. I do enjoy watching him sweat like a humpty dumpty, and lets face it he brings it on himself…Thanks to those for the vids on this post.

I guess this message may be addressed to the females of Ivlog ?

So Faroe wanna make a DEAL ??

A quote sent in with screen grabs.

New VIP feature on VL called ghosting, because  “We need money. Badly. Please buy VIP Gold.”

If you were one of the lucky individuals to have actually been suckered into paying out for the Vaughn live VIP thingy then perhaps you’ve noticed this stunning new feature ?

Something we all need in our lives ?

Not everybody wants to be seen in chat when watching a stream, and we understand that. So, what is Ghost Mode and how does it work?

  1. Watch streams without showing up in chat
  2. You won’t be seen entering/leaving chat
  3. You won’t be listed in the chatters list
  4. You can still see chat
  5. But you won’t be able to participate in chat
  6. This does not affect sending and receiving IM’s

Click the above image for more on this life changing event.

And if you act NOW for mere pennies a day YOU to can have Miss Scruffy (site manager) personally stalk you from channel to channel…Harass you DOX you from Facebook and even create new and fantastic LIES about you. So hurry limited spaces are available so first come first serve and tell them Monkeysniffer sent you.

It’s another road trip for Frank Taylor and his filthy feet, and as usual he’s asking YOU to PAY for it..$$$$$$..
Thanks to Hameater for the heads up.

So far the CASH cows have not responded as he has hoped….

What ever happened to Lars his German lover from over seas, another pay out from the cash COWS $$. Is he still around ?

A quote that sent along with some screen grabs of our favorite potato head boy.
“The unmitigated gall of that little peckerhead to think he gets a pass on all the UGLY he has brought…Karma isn’t done with that tool”

I’m afraid you’re right, so it was recently discovered that Sean Cleary aka IrelandsPatriot has decided to try his casting hand on TinyChat. And what’s his account name you ask…….


Cabbage Patch stalker

Well think of it every other site has him banned for his nefarious ways, and neither Vaughn nor Ivlog want his sorry drug induced nonsense. And I heard he deleted his Younow account faster than he could wank off to a 70yr old man begging for a new laptop. So away with this pile of crusty toxic filth. Who needs him….Only a muppet would lol

Immortalized on Younow…how…childish……wink wink.

But what I found most interesting was not only did he take the name of a child’s toy cabbage patch” it was the meaning that I found most intruding and fitting.

I do feel this stalker junkie knows his place in the world living in a cabbage patch

My reason for calling him a stalker are simple click and read the LINK below.

And the junkie comments you ask ?

And masturbating for a 70yr old for CASH $$$

Part 2

Nothing made up simple facts as they are.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves, and have a cookie <3

It’s recently come to my attention that our favorite person and Ivlog’s most popular blogger of all time..Jessica, has been having an on going personal feud with a number of Ivlog casters including a blog. She’s been accused of making a number of vulgar comments in a chat as an ANON e.g. …FUCKERS…FAGGOTS…NIGGERS. 

However it’s been discovered that both Jessica and the racist anon shared the same IP address….Oh oh…can you say….. busted ?

Upon hearing this tragic most foul news I was so distraught that I couldn’t eat or sleep for days..No joke. I even contemplated deleting this blog..and had thoughts of switching hobbies perhaps becoming a florist near  my local gay disco bar..You know the one I’m banned from.

Upon realizing her mistake Jessica quickly ran to her own blog and made a post, brushing aside any wrong doing on her part. Then went into damage control mode and blamed it all on her own brother…Dear lord say it’s not so…But then decided to make her blog PRIVATE ???? A private blog how original.

Now perhaps the rest of us common folk don’t have a brother we can lay all our sins upon and maybe that’s a good thing…Who knows ?


However as of last week our dear sweet honest Jessica announced on Ivlog and admitted to all that she indeed made those comments not her brother. She has since repented by turning over a new leaf. Brings a tear to my eye. Bless you Jessica for once again you have shown us lesser folk that by using honesty as your guide and mentor your true nature of giving has once again prevailed through this storm. Bless you <3

Oh and one last word Jessica please try an refrain from using words like NIGGER and FAGGOT, people may get the wrong idea about you and we certainly don’t want that dear.