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I’d like to thank Karma who sent these screen grabs, I cannot confirm or deny that this is indeed Lilpunk1984, so I’m a just going with it…So more on the Vapers topic.

Wait is Luna Star ….leather face Tuna Luna at the top ?

But you have to admit it’s a hoot how NAZI momma Scruffy gets all defensive and tight in the pants over the comments not to mention the “STALKING”. Funny now how would Scruffy know who was in Bubba’s Ivlog channel unless SHE herself was “STALKING” ? …..Oops did she just slip her lying tongue in to her own anus ?

At the end of the day I really don’t give a sack of dried out monkey poo if it was Charlie or not. The mere fact that the word has spread and folks are recognizing what these site owners are all about makes me feel that all this is worth it, however lets not lose sight of the fact that ANY site including Ivlog most certainly has the same clique like issues plaguing it. Besides something tells me this is gonna be a good one HA!

Some of you may recall 3 yrs ago how a group of individuals were allowed to attack the Vapers group for no apparent reason, due to some unforeseen agenda the malicious hate directed towards this group was enough to force them to leave the Vaughn site……And now Mark explains his side.

However more than a few of you were not FOOLED and not IMPRESSED, and decided to to send in the screen grabs calling out Mark on his thick verbal diarrhea…Thank you for sending them in.

As you can clearly see NAZI mom comes running from her cave to offer her creamy tit for Mark to suckle on while claiming how THEY were the victims in all this.

Enough of this horse shit..There are those of us that witnessed the fiasco and know just how dirty and conniving the Vaughns truly are, after 5yrs of witnessing first hand the LIES and viciousness of the owners they’re not fooling anyone anymore. So put away the crosses and bibles Scruffy no redemption from this blog for you.

But in case you missed the Bubba video in where he states what he and his lil troll group were allowed to do on that very site, click the LINK

“You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”


A quote sent in….“Mark is now begging VAPERS to come back to his site. He knows his site is dead. Ha Ha Ha.
But whats funny, those morons might go back with no viewers Ha Ha Ha”

Wait is Mark Vaughn NOW begging people to support his DEAD Vapers channel the one he allowed his crew to attack ??


Well the long over due story has now been unleashed as to WHAT..WHO or WHY the Vapers were trolled off the site, by BubbaGannosh himself….I may not care for him but I do believe him and what he says on this video. The owners of that site are DIRTY and we’ve always known it.

Straight from his lips to your ears cuz I cant’ make this shit up…And a huge thank you for the video.

Funny as I finish one post another pops up within seconds with pretty much the same TOPIC how odd. Another caster leaving Ivlog ?

This image was sent in an email along with the words “candy rayne is quitting ivlog and deleting her account “…Thank you for this info.

So our very own CandyRayne has decided to jump ship as well ? I’m sure she’s gonna have something to say…We shall see.

Well well well it was only a matter of time before the “King” (Faroe) would transfer his belongings to another hen house of interent LOVE <3…but first…..

” hi everyone i am a new streamer i used to stream on other average site called vaughnlive tv and ivlog tv i was there popular caster now i just moved here becuase someone told me about this site and you can gain money whatever you do on your stream my name is jogvan jacop i am 37 years old i live with ppl where i live i live on faroe islands our country is on North Atlantic Ocean i got skype and discord and facebook and twitter i got allmost everything”

“Average” huh did he just poop on all them suckers in Ivlog ??? ….You bet ya he did lol…Can’t make this shit up. And to think he actually did a cast on Ivlog dropping his NEW link for everyone to see…Oh ohhhhhhhhhhh.

And looks who’s already joined the shit show

In actuality this maybe a 2 in 1 post as other casters like Jackilee and now Faroe jump SHIT to greener pastures elsewhere, and the possible reasons WHY ?

Since this new RULE was implemented things do seem kinda scant. Is the honey moon period finally over, does the Ivlog circle jerk CUM clique look a lil thin now a days since the whole “GUEST” thing has taken place ??? Could it be other casters are moving out of the party house ??…Oh my.

As usual upon reading this post a couple of them living in denial broken hearted sweet hearts from the circle jerk will send a message whining to me as they’ve done for the last couple of years…Too bad so sad that your PEDO shit chit chat is falling apart and continues to break from the inside.

Of course some sucker WILL take the bait…