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Several days ago on an Ivlog cast Faroe decided to DOX Merman, rumors suggest Merman may have harmed himself due to being heartbroken over Faroe’s rejection. I cannot confirm or deny this but from what I was to obtain the DOX was brought on by Merman annoying Faroe.

However on a another note King fatty Faroe continues to have his Twitch Game of Throne channels deleted one at a time.

Just an example of 2 of the Game of Throne channels deleted by anonymous individuals….Can’t make this shit up.

Still waiting for the Faroe police to hack this blog and remove all of the images.

Some of you may recall a post just several days ago where Merman laid claim of death threats from another caster on Ivlog named Thumbtack ?? Well on Sat March 16th Thumbtack made the below comments wishing DEATH on Glensroom along with several others. He certainly does enjoy wishing death as well as making death threats to folks doesn’t he. That site makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over <3

All credit and thank you to the person who sent this in, and for more on this caster I’ve placed the LINK below.

Odd how on Friday March 15th that Cr3eam had the royal verbal diarrhea cast were he spewed on how guest chat would be dealt with in one way or another, yet he can’t manage to deal with the simple things like his CASH COWS and how THEY behave ??? Shove your TOS up your ASS you worthless bag of hypocritical white poo.

Seems the luck of the Irish has run out for one flaccid small worm CHILD STALKER as his megalodon sized head has expanded to further infuse more bullshit than ever before. Now I know what you’re saying I’ve made numerous posts exposing this humpa lumpa junkie turd so many times before it’s embarrassing. However this time around the coke head cry baby Sean Cleary oh deary has decided to make more FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

jstevio has something to say

Cover up ???? How when I was the one who placed the LINK to the NEWS article on this blog..back on JUN 20 2017…Check the LINK below.

Get you facts straight MORON, next time you decide to shit from your mouth provide PROOF. Better yet go snort some more coke or stalk children. Ohhh and here’s some PROOF…READ IT an WEEP.

To the person who sent in the videos pertaining to taht Ivlog caster I do promise to place them up soon and thank you for them.

Scruffyspenis: “Jackielee on vaughn right now with Jessica and misscruffy saying lies and bullshit. Misscruffy lying like usual and telling jackie, we are all mentally ill”

And my response ??????????

As usual I have actual PROOF that the sawdust for brains Scruffy is lying again. Judge for yourself and allow the LIES to spew from a creature darker than the abyss itself. But man she makes for great posts don’t you agree lol.

A quote from Michelle “But said this years ago when she was private messaging me on Facebook feeding me information about people”

Oh and btw Michelle passed this along to me, just in case you were wondering who handed me the screen grab. So all credit goes to her.