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An eventful day for certain as many of you seem divided on your opinions as to what took place concerning the recent NUDE Ivlog post…Oh lalaaaaaaaa

Thatgirl/Luv1 who was recently banned from Ivog for her nude fiasco, has sent me not only an email but a comment expressing her embarrassment as to what took place and regrets ever doing it. She also requests that Part 2 of the post NOT be placed up and that she has learned her lesson.

Over the course of 4 or so years of blogging I have literally done thousands of posts so similar to this one it’s not funny any more, to be honest it’s alarming just how many seem either lost within themselves or broken in ways that can only be explained as ill. So I’ve been left with the feeling that NO ONE ever changes, I mean I’ve seen my share of attention whores and drunks HELL I’ve blogged on em all. However as of today I received this comment.

In reply to monkeysniffer….
Randall: In 2 months and 2 days I’ll be 2 years alcohol free Monkeysniffer. Life has been so good now. It’s a great feeling to say I don’t drink.  Lots of love!

I was blown away and thought to myself well maybe someone can change if given a chance…..maybe ?


And now that’s where YOU the viewer COME in…..For the first time ever I have decided to allow YOU to decide if PART 2 of the post should go up. Whether you be her friend…peer or enemy you now make the post happen. For far too long I have been the one branded as the “HATE BLOGGER” and now I believe it’s time to turn the tables and allow you to blog for once. You take the heat…You become the villain….You make the decision that changes a persons internet reputation. It’s now on your shoulders.

I must be getting soft to do this for in the past I would have just kicked someones teeth in and just done it already…..So here’s the DEAL…YOU have until Thursday Feb 28th in the evening monkey time to either email me or send in a comment with a simple YES or NO. You don’t have to go into detail as to why but that’s up to you. Happy Blogging.

Please NO posts on this…PLEASE ?

An early email I received on Sunday morning……All credit and thank you for all of your work screen grabs and vids.

A quote in an email….
so tonight in bpinks and bubbaganoosh’s room. luv1/thatgirl was drunks and showing everyone on from procams her bits and pieces…. her first ban under thatgirl came when she showed full bush for a moment and then 5 mins later got banned, she made another account and came back as luv1 where at 5:30am she was banned under that name for sitting full ass put while she pissed on the toilet. it was a cluster fuck of fuckary. I thought I would share some video and the banned toiley pic with you. enjoy. feel free to cut and remake these into something you would like to post.

A quote from Karma… Toilet cams, boob cams, wagina cams— Ivlog has it all. Money well spent on buying ThatGirl/luv1 a pro account….thank you for dat Faroe.

takes off pantys
vagina an bum

My first question is WHY ???…. Why would such an attractive woman do such a thing on a social casting site or send people videos like this ?

And she’s site banned

Are you so starved for attention that this is your need, your best ? I just hope you don’t come to me expecting the posts to be deleted. Don’t hold your breath. Ohhh and yeah there’s a PART 2 coming, since you’re so naughty hope you enjoy it Miss Spread em wide and peek inside.

I’m shy

Just 24 hours after the major announcement was made on Facebook concerning the NEW TOS. The same place where the site owner blew hot air from his facial orifice you know the one he calls his anus, we had Ben exposing his ASS on a cast but then was allowed back on casting barely 24 hours later. It’s hilarious what’s the point of all this and please explain the Terms of Service so maybe someone out there can properly direct casters and viewers. Thank you to those for any screen grabs info or vids.

A quote sent in: “Monkey, saw this post from iVlog and wanted to send to you. Now when I first saw this post it had over 40 comments and now I saw where it has fewer comments at the time I took these screen shots. They’re definitely deleting comments they don’t like.”

Back in Dec 2016 I recall the several hundred names of those who were removed from the Facebook group for being suspects and their possible involvement with either myself or this blog.

A quote sent in by: Can-Cr3am 2019/01/25 at 12:30 am :”There are far too many decent folks banned from iVlog – simply for not kissing the ass of mods. And some incredibly foul characters allowed to run rampant because they bow down and pucker up to the ass of the mods. Nazi Jim’s broadcasts have endorsed all kinds of insane violence – yet he is still allowed on the website.This is essentially being a corrupt organization – when you turn a blind eye to illegal activity as long as it generates you revenue from subscriptions.”

“They are fraudulently misrepresenting themselves in their Terms of Service, and should simply be more up front about things if they are going to be so tyrannical in their approach – if they refuse to be reasonable.Why not just tell people – you cannot criticise the site in any way – or you will be banned? Why not throw in a line about how if you are friends with the site owner you can do whatever the hell you want.”

“They really seem to dislike when it’s pointed out that those who are friends with the site owner have incredible favoritism shown.I think people should continue to emphasis how unbiased ivlog is in their administration of their website – and eventually people will be more cognizant of this issue that could be easily remedied – had they any common sense.”

“The first step would be for the owner to relinquish control of the website’s moderation to a neutral party with experience in moderation of chat rooms – there’s no shortage of seasoned quality moderators on reddit that would do this for free and not be biased in their approach.”

“As long as the owner has a direct role in the website it will be contaminated by their bias, and cronyism.”

ivlog it’s a shithole!

A video just sent in by some one who has certain feelings about the site.

Now to be fair to Ben I have no anger or hostility towards him however I do feel the site owner has dropped the ball on this one it may come back to haunt him. But then again I guess that’s what it must be like to be unsound or slow ?

I had no idea last night was such a riot between the site owners facebook comments Ben and his ASS lock down some nudity and vagina play and to top it off we have Faroe in classic full retard mode. I think I know why Faroe was placed on planet earth and that was for him to be nothing more than a joke…..
I can’t make this up.

Along with the vid came this quote..“It speaks for itself he is a fucking idiot.”

Credit and thank you for all of the vids you sent in I shall be placing them up shortly. Can’t imagine what todays going to bring lol

That’s right it means nothing’s coming out and no one is going in…wink wink lol…So if I were to gloat would that make me a bad monkey ? So Ben looks like you really dug yourself a hole with this one…HOLE get it ? lol

“TypicalHater: Don’t worry folks, I’m sure Ben’s cast wasn’t LOCKED for any TOS/Rules or anything like that”
TypicalHater: “I mean, they wouldn’t lock it for anything like that, Im sure it was just a coincidence. You can count on Ben being back in the next day or 2. can be having a money pit banned can we? “

Sorry Ben but the full moon was on Feb 19th, you’re a little too late dear.

Ben a porno star ?.. well that would be like calling Shawnio or those UK muffins a blogger …LMAO. I just peed myself a little.