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I wanted to end 2018 with something different..Maybe controversial ?

I’ve kept this post on hold since Sept 2017 for the simple fact I keep forgetting, as more interesting subject matters and topics become available I just shelve this one and move on. So thanks to the person who emailed it to me so many posts ago and I apologize for keeping all of you on hold.

A few notes before you get started at the 5:00 mark of the video it becomes freaky interesting as this wet moist flower decides to inform everyone of her secret desire to have sex with an 80yr old man, but to then kill him while she has sex with him. What can I say perhaps some of the older fellas need to get in line ?

Several of you out there have repeatedly requested the videos in it’s entirety so without further ado….enjoy…..

In the second vid she desperately asks “daddy” to place his cock in her ass and to fck her…She then explains how she’s a dirty bitch as she continues to moan and groan. However through out both videos she periodically places strawberries in to her vagina. It isn’t  until the ending of the second video that she now lays back and spits the strawberries from her moist vagina. For her sake I’m glad she didn’t go shopping for cold cuts or canned tuna.

Oh well there ya have it. Something fruity something moist and something sweet but most certainly something…….. tainted.




I know what you’re going to say who cares about Ivlog caster of the year seriously  ??

Well some one when to the trouble to send this in so I figure lets play along and maybe we can have some fun with it.

A quote sent in… “Don’t forget to vote in the ivlog caster awards 2018”

However I made the comment below and still with no response.

In reply to ivlog awards.

k…You forgot a whole bunch for example.
Who’s the biggest bitch on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest moron on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest whiner on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest PEDO on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest whore on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest drunk on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest FREE loader on ivlog ?

The below LINK is there if anyone wishes to vote.

As you can see Stupid fat bastard or as I call him Humpty Dumpty is in the lead with 68 votes, and in case your wondering I voted for Mae for the simple reason I really don’t care for any of these silly bastards and never watch them but I did spend time watching Mae’s vagina so I figure that has to count for something. So the weird chick gets my vote.

I just noticed this stupid pig has no eyebrows lol…I was like what’s going on here hahahahahahahaha.As far as Crazy caster of 2018, I voted for the crazy vagina woman again.

Making this post made me wanna go poo poo.



I sat sipping my coffee and staring at the trans gender beauties on cam4 I then decided to venture into the dark depths of Scruffy’s tainted and toxic yeast infested site Vaughn live, it was there I discovered the delicate gypsy in distress Zelda the outcast oily one. My heart beat feverishly as I broke wind at her distressed message, she had been banned from Ivlog…………. Oh no I said to myself how could this be and WHY..Why ban this delicate flower ?

Sorry about your crappy luck Zelda remember it’s not who you know it’s who you blow, kapeesh ? And from what I gather there’s loads of sucking on that site.

Click the image above for a larger view

Ok so I’m not a fan of Zelda’s but I don’t have ill feelings towards the woman either when one considers all that has taken place on CUMvlog one must wonder how all the floating plops of feces remain on the site and she’s banned. Some of the criminal behavior from it’s casters are as follows DEATH THREATS…drug abuse..mocking those with cancer. THREATS on the president of the United States and the Whitehouse…DMCA illegal violations the list is endless.

And nothing has been done about it.

For those familiar with the site and it’s history one can’t argue the facts after all I’m the one who’s documented them on this blog with your help of course. So what’s the deal with this site ???

Bottom line CUMvlog has a group of admin moronic imbeciles that blow hot hair out their flopping anus flaunting their hungry mad power without justification, the “clique” of CUM worshipers are as hollow minded as the owner. Remember the days of Vaughn and it’s lil rag tag group of trolls and favorites ???   I do. Sooner or later the house of aids infected cards will fall it always does.

Sorry to piss on your fun. No I’m not.

You can FOOL some of the people some of the time but you can’t FOOL all the people all of the time.


I’d like to thank the person who sent this in to me and leave it as is and let YOU the viewer decide. I’m taking a long walk to the moon to order a purple mud pizza for my dead family of glass sheep turnips…………… Common sense is the most limited of all natural resources.

It is a concern when anyone makes ANY comment wishing or hoping DEATH, but in this case I give up there are certainly 2 posts in conflict here…..Burp.

OOhhhhhh my sweet darling how doth one dig thy own grave with blind eyes and broken chop sticks ?





All credit and thank you to the person and to Topcat who sent in the 2 screen grabs an video, and my apologies for not placing up the post sooner, what with the holidays and my crazy hours at the gay disco bar keeping me busy. Again my apologies.

And where there’s tit action you find others ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Not the first time and I’m sure it wont be the last.