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On a Ivlog cast sometime last week a very bitter drunk female ranted about complete nonsense, form her wishing to be connected to people to her whining about running off in to the woods to get drunk the 2 videos have it all.

All credit and thx to Topcat for the vids on this post.

My observation into the mental wreck is this is what happens when one has weak or no morales of which to speak of and reduces herself into a drunken mess who pretty much spends her day smoking pot on cam then turns around and begs for sympathy from complete strangers. Look on the bright side at least she isn’t masturbating on skype to total strangers right ?On a final note to Brahim Soltani suck some thick spicy pastrami and place it deep in your bottomless ponani. When one speaks FALSE LEGAL volumes from his wet throbbing mangina just make sure you can back it up with actual LEGAL facts, for example like actually do something concerning your LEGAL THREATS back em up. It must be next to impossible since the Leeds police have such an understanding as to who you really are, or perhaps they simply feel you’re getting what you deserve ?

Perhaps a little refresher course with FACTS to validate my claims…Click the LINKS below. For more on Brahim Soltani aka Babs

However since YOU have such a grand grasp of the legalities of UK LAW please hand over my email and my (cough cough) DOX to your local police dept and inform them of who I am.                                                                                  

As a side note my email has been visible and public for at last 5 years or so and not one detective or officer of the law or lawyer has ever contacted me…Too bad so sad.

It is a proven fact when one makes empty LEGAL or DEATH THREATS it is because they have nada to back it up with.






I’d like to thank the person who sent this to me today I simply loved it….I call this post TIT for TAT for obvious reasons (o ) (0 )

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jessica-twinky-headbow.gifIt’s moments like this I love that crazy gif maker.

Dear ol Jess is having some sort of tiff or feud with sultry Sarah yesterday afternoon and she demands an apology from Sarah to rectify the situation. I mean holy hell the nerve eh ?  …I love the drama I swear you can hear the crowed in the back ground chanting …JERRY ….JERRY…JERRY…

Oh an btw Jess don’t hold your breath on this one.

And Sarah you are blocked from Jessica’s facebook until further notice so sit on that and stew young lady.

Nice find Bosco and thank you I’ve always figured there would be something like this it explains everything I’ve always said.So to ALL THE OTHER CASTERS WHO WITNESS THIS.. ASK YOURSELF ONE QUESTION WHY ARE YOU NOT BEING FEATURED BUT FAROE IS ????

Drink up Steve Jones I have a lot more to piss out in due time. Still waiting on those LEGAL threats you boasted over 2 years now ? Wanna try I still have them DEATH THREATS compliments of your site. Oh but you can’t LOCK me down can you.



All credit and thank you to the person who sent in the screen grabs on this post.

More and more of Ivlog’s casters are becoming more than a little disappointed with the site that in the past made such big empty promises but has delivered on so little. This time around we have Energy Rock Radio another Ivlog caster who paid out a substantial amount to Ivlog for it’s services, but decided to voice his opinion on the blubbery whale known as Faroe being featured.

A quote sent in….

I have a capture of the ivlog mods banning energyrockradio for voicing his opinion after paying for a pro account and spending over 400 dollars and not getting featured. Who do they feature? This asshole (Fatoe).As the caster voiced his opinion on how poorly the site was being run a “MODERATOR” pops in to deflate the situation….I wasn’t given the full extent of the conversation however for whatever was said this casters channel was placed on LOCK DOWN.However the caster had a back up channel and decided to use that to voice his thoughts on Ivlog and it’s professionalism and lack of integrity.

So why was this caster placed on LOCK DOWN ????   I mean after all DEATH THREATS …RACIAL SLURS…and a slew of other things have taken place, but when one person questions this site the MODERATORS move in like stormtroopers and lock it down ??   WHY..what do THEY FEAR…THE TRUTH ?

Now I know what some of you will say..HEY IT’S THE FEATURE AND IT’S NOT IN ANYONE HANDS WHO GETS FEATURED….. And that’s when I call BULLSHIT.

Some of you may recall the Vaughn’s lying about that lil secret for over 7 years and then one day they were caught in the act. So we know for a fact the owners do control it…DUHHHHHH don’t be a sucker.

You may recall a post I did back in Oct 2017 when it was finally admitted the Vaughn’s can not only feature it’s casters but can shuffle them as well as cook the viewer numbers……RING ANY BELLS with Ivlog ?????The LINK to that post can be found below.

And then again who could forget the security issue Ivlog had when it’s web site certificate had remained unchecked for about 5 or so years. Of course it only became certified when it’s error was published on this blog the owner then paid out the cash to rectify the situation.Check out the LINK below on that post.

So the bottom line is this folks…..For me to sum it up in a sentence or paragraph would take about 5 or more years to explain the hows the whats the whens and all the in betweens that matter and that’s roughly how long I’ve been blogging here…. Do the research READ the content of this blog do yourself the favor and before you dole out cash or make any contracts or commitments with any social casting site is to understand what YOU are getting into cuz I can guarantee you it wont be to your liking.

You can see but you won’t believe…..I can preach but you refuse to hear.









Some of you may have noticed I have this particular post in the “Monkeysniffer” category due to reservations about publicly exposing this person. I’m at the point I think a hard smack across the mouth would be more prudent or a swift kick…maybe both I’ll never know.

These Ivlog casters are just a joke the amount of misguided mental misfits drunks..junkies and deranged psychotic train wrecks is a never ending pile of dung.

Oh btw Miss Unamed caster I have a video that goes on for 2 or more minutes with you rubbing your vagina as you sit there smiling and giggling like some crazed sex freak. I could easily post it up but my hope is that you will eventually witnesses your own actions and come to a full ground HALT….That’s my hope.

However the reality is your KIND will never learn….YOU like the others will only blame me and this blog. Like all the others before you…. Sam…Hipperzz…Faroe…Warren…the list is literally endless…..It’s all my fault….you say….I’m the one who hurt you….you say….I’m the one who ruined say….It’ the hate blog…

ME ME ME…blah blah blah.

And as usual you and your type sit in full contempt of this blog and myself all the while never taking responsibility for your own actions. Odd how that always happens.

For the first time ever I have given someone a FREE PASS…this time…but don’t blow it…..The world is watching.

Thank you to the person who sent in the pic and the video..I know this isn’t what you wanted, but then I never promised you your revenge just a post. And I have a pretty good idea as to your identity.