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I’d like to thank the individual who emailed me the screen grabs and video that are on this post. Better yet maybe I should be thanking InventorNAZI Jim for this latest off the wall nonsense. But to actually sit there and cast the NAZI flag on a PUBLIC cast all the while asking for hand outs so he may continue such filth is simply unconscionable. However he also claims to have invented the World Wide Web. Can’t make this shit up.As the downward spiral of Ivlog continues down an unprofessional path, one can only wonder when or if any action will ever be taken against these type of transgressions. He preaches against the Muslim faith as being his “enemy” and spews such phrases as “we are gonna die”……  

Regardless of ones religious beliefs or thoughts on possible world domination I’d be sure as damned if I’d be choosing the NAZI ideals and all it’s HATEFUL propaganda.

I simply have no words for this. Maybe stick to the alien conspiracies, and anal probes Jim ????



A quote that I received this morning in the comments, along with a pic and a gif….Thank you for them.

“And here we have it Cumvlogs Ex Lover Cums out of the closet posting her links in open chat while looking all well you will see …… AS the old saying goes “”grow a set” 😉

So it would seem Steve (CUM) Jones’s EX girlfriend has released a possible NEW directional interest.I cannot confirm or deny what you are witnessing on this post nor am I homophobic, however as I stated in the above post I was sent all of this information in a comment.

So this MAY explain his traveling to other far off places and meeting other casters, in some instances offering $3 milkshakes just for meet ups…Wink wink.Or as seen in the above pic Steve(CUM) Jones is wearing his Wonder Woman thumb rings a possible sign that……….READ BELOW Was this a premonition of things to CUM ???Fact: I can’t make this shit up lol












In just under 24 hours 2 casters have left Ivlog, one being the PEDOPHILE Ryan hifi and the other being the Viking misfit and self proclaimed King of Ivlog, master of his own anus the sexual oozing humpty dumpty….FAROE

An actual quote from PEDO Ryan FieldsCongratulations! After 5 years or so of trying, you have successfully bullied me completely off of all social media and the internet. My health issues are for myself, my family, and my loved ones to know about – not some sicko peons online. Congratulations especially to the REAL head of this blog, Llilpunk1984.

Ok so let’s get this straight Ryan the idiot spews on Facebook and discusses personal matters, but is now turning the whole thing around by calling out folks as sicko peons”

However imagine my surprise as none other than Lilpunk was named as the “REAL HEAD” head of this blog… I fell over and peed myself silly from laughter. Wow you seriously can’t make this shit up, but somehow Lilpunk1984 is the head blogger or perhaps the REAL Monkeysniffer ?

What’s truly funny here is that it was Ryan and his perverted sexual comments and sudden angry outbursts that placed him in hot water with his Ivlog friends to begin with…So all credit to Ryan on a job well executed. Bravo cryan Ryan retard who wishes to have sex with a 6 week old child …BRAVO. And thank you to the person who sent in the screen grabs.

Now as far as the KING of CUMvlog goes we all know if we give him till supper time he’ll be casting right as rain and forgetting the whole thing ever happened.

But before he ran off he was kind enough to bid a fond farewell to his favorite site Ivlog.

I may cry over this, you do realize the sun may never shine again for me. Perhaps if we strike a DEAL with Faroe he may decide to cast again on Ivlog or maybe just offer him up some bewbs……………….( o ) ( 0).